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Feb 19, 2008 09:31 AM

Vadouvan - Searching for it

This is my first post as I just found and joined this site. I found it doing a search for the above herb/spice. To introduce myself, I live in SE Wisconsin in the USA. My wife and I own and run a Restaurant called Millie's Pancake Haus in Delavan Wisconsin.

As the title of my post indicates, my wife and I were in Paris a few years ago and went to a food store called "Fauchon", 26 Place De La Madeleine, Paris (very cool place!). She bought a spice/herb called "Vadouvan" there.

She (and I) loved it but have now run out. I've done a search on the web but can't get to Fauchon (the US store does not respond to e-mails) nor can I find this product here in the states.

Anyone know were I can find this online or via mail order in the US? Baring that, I am hoping to find someone who would be willing to pick up a few bottles and send them to me. I can send a check or better a PayPal transaction to cover the costs.

It would make me a hero to my wife if I could find it for her! LOL ;^D

If anyone there would like to do this for me, please contact me via my e-mail and we'll see what we can work out.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

William J. Slater

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  1. Try Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco CA; their website says they have it:

    1. There's a recipe for it in the back of the Pierre Gagnaire book, 'Reinventing French Cuisine'.

      1. I just made this today! it is a great spice blend. google vadouvan spice recipe and go to the first one, I believe it is gourmet sleuth, you can read all about it and get the recipe. It is time consuming to make but easy. Let me know how it turns out.

        1. I bought a vadouvan powder from the Spice House -- it doesn't look like other pictures I've seen of Vadouvan, but I was placing an order anyway so I thought I'd try it. Kalustyan's in NYC also has it on their website as available for Mail order.

          I'm trying to source it too -- I'll let my Parisian suppliers know it's available at Fauchon.

          1. What an odd coincidence. The Washington Post today have a recipe using vadouvan and they give the recipe for the spice as well....enjoy


            Recipe for vadouvan