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Feb 19, 2008 09:15 AM

What are the best authentic Spanish Restos within 128

I am having a friends in town and they love Spanish food. What is the consensus as to the best in the area?

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    1. I like Toro in the South End immensely - great tapas, good bar and a lively atmosphere. They also serve an assortment of "entree"-sized plates.

      Dali's fine for tapas, but it's somewhere in the middle of my list. Great sangria though.

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      1. re: gini

        Second Toro.

        Others like Taberna de Haro, too. I thought it was about equal to Dali, neither of those is GREAT, just good.

        1. re: gini

          I am a big fan of Toro. I especially enjoy the many seafood options and the simple and delicious joy of their pan con tamate. Yum.

        2. I lived in Spain for a while and though tapas are usually just simple bar foods, Taberna de Haro in Brookline has some good renditions of them.

          1. Another vote for Toro. I think it is the most authentic. I like Dali but I find the offerings uneven. For example I liked the squid in its own ink and the tortilla espanol (not hard to make) but last time I was there they did not have real chorizo. The atmosphere is really fun at Dali though.

            Nobody's mentioned it yet but thumbs down for Tasca in Brighton. There are a couple of ok things on the menu (albondigas and setas al jerez) but the "casoulet" is like canned soup.

            1. Taberna de Haro. I've spent a fair amount of time in Spain and they are by far the most authentic in the area.