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Feb 19, 2008 08:55 AM

HAMILTON - late on a Monday

Are there any restaurants or bars serving food up until 11:30pm in Hamilton on a Monday?

I need to feed a stag of 25 men, returning from the Bruce Springsteen concert. The most ideal for us, at this hour, would be an upscale bar.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you're looking within walking distance of Copps Coliseum, I would recommend one of the restaurants on Hess St., such as Sizzle Steak House or Koi. Neither one of them strike me as being particularly "Chow-worthy" but they fit the late night upscale bar description you are going for and would be good venues for a stag celebration.

    1. Have to agree with Mike on all points.

      1. Although I've never been, I have noticed a popular bar in Jackson Square (where Canada Trust used to be.) It has some sort of legal name. It's also about a 4 minute walk from Copps. Whenever I attend Hamilton Place or the Convention Centre it seems to be quite crowded in the evenings.

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          Yes, thank you Cynalan. I think the Honest Lawyer is now our best bet, as Sizzle is closed on Mondays. As much as I like better food, we were looking for this kind of rowdiness anyway.

          1. re: dlw88

            Yup - that's the place. Hey you never, maybe we'll run into each other. My wife and I are heading off to see the Boss too!

            1. re: dlw88

              If you're thinking of something along the lines of the Honest Lawyer (sorry you said "upscale bar" in your initial post and the Honest Lawyer does not fit that bill IMHO), Waltz (formerly Walt's) has recently undergone a transformation and is now a rhythm and blues bar and often has live music each night...the food there ain't all that bad either.