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Feb 19, 2008 08:28 AM

Pappy's Pig Roast, Cape May, NJ -- any good?

I'm trying to plan a pig roast in New Jersey, and found the website for Pappy's in Cape May County. Has anyone used them, is the food good? I was going to call and try to see if I could go down for a tasting, but wasn't sure how they're be able to offer just a tasting of their roast pig... Was also interested in the clam bake option, if anyone has experience with that...


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    1. re: wsmoon

      This place looks great - thanks - we'll check it out! I love the fire-engine beer truck!

    2. I have no experience with pappy's, but if you are looking for delectable skin as part of the pig, consider an Asian or Chinese specific Roast Pig or Baby Suckling Roast Pig. They are available for purchase whole and fully cooked. The following is a Filapino style, similar to Cuban style from what I am told, but for me Chinese is far superior to any I have ever sampled, including Great Southern Pitmasters.

      If you require the assistance of an event planner and party rental supplies, some one more full service, then the one's mentioned thus far are better suited for your event.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Thanks! Wow that does look really good... It's for my wedding actually and we may have 200 people, so I probably need a more full-service party caterer ... but I'm gonna check out that place anyway just for my own chow pleasure...

        1. re: fougoo


          If your looking to have an outdoor wedding with set-up of tents and etc., consider other caterers as well for more traditional foods and then make arrangements to purchase the Roast Pigs separately. Depending on actual size, they will run you $4.00-6.00 per pound which translates to $150-200 per pig. It's a lot better than paying per person charges. Baby Suckling Pigs are much more expensive per pound, at least double, sometimes triple in cost.

          1. re: fourunder

            Good idea - I'll look into it and price things out. Do you have an estimation as to how many pounds of pig per how many people?

            1. re: fougoo


              I always love when I get an opportunity to spend other peoples money, but here goes........

              For me, I always would order more than necessary. The presentation and satisfaction to my guest would be paramount......but who doesn't love leftover Roast Pig? In general terms, whenever you do this type of thing, a minimum of a half pound per person is suggested..... some people will eat plenty, some little and others none. The problem with a Roast Pig is some parts are more desirable than other.....namely the belly and cheeks. Some like fatty and some want lean......I would try to accommodate as many as I could, so I would order two porkers......the pigs are relatively inexpensive compared to many other things you could offer....n.g., say shrimp or lobster.

              I placed a telephone call to the BBQ Pit and here is what they offer

              1. Large Pig 39-42 pounds $175
              2. Medium Pig 33-36 pounds $165
              3. Small Pig 30-32 pounds $155

              I would imagine purchasing in Chinatown, NYC would be comparable and my recommendation.

              Ultimately, it depends on what else you order, but imagine the conversations during and after your reception if you have two porkers.........they will be talking about it for years on after.....and isn't that what memories are all about?

              1. re: fourunder

                Haha thanks! Yeah, well if it does end up close to 200 people - I'm sure we'll need two pigs. We could pose them nose to nose!

                Thanks for your help!