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Feb 19, 2008 08:17 AM

neither here nor there: need recs between Balto & DC

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow from DC for dinner. Neither one of us want to drive to the other's city, so we're going to meet somewhere in the middle....

We were thinking Annapolis, but looking over old threads, the only place that I found interesting was Jalapeno's. But, am open to more options there.

Am also open to options that exist off some exit or another from I-95....

Basically we're looking for a reasonably priced, comfortable and quiet place, with semi-interesting (at the very least) food.

Any suggestions out there?


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  1. It's not off 95, but KBQ in Bowie meets most of your requirements and comes highly recommended.

    1. I've been to KBQ in Bowie a number of times. The BBQ is fantastic, but it's not really a sit down place to meet a friend for dinner kind of place. More of a carry-out with very limited seating, bright lights, and spare decor.

      Here's an earlier thread on options in the Crofton-Bowie area for you to consider, as well:

      Good luck

      1. Pasta Plus in Laurel or an Indian (I like Mango Grove) or Vietnamese restaurant (I recommend Pho Dat Thanh) in Columbia. Not far from the 32 W exit off of 95.

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          Thanks for these replies. Actually Laurel seems easy to reach. And, I was just reading about Pasta Plus which was recommended in the link that SG provided. I love bbq, but KBQ doesn't sound like a catch up with an old friend kind of place....I need to check with my friend, but she's a meat and potatoes girl, so I think that Vietnamese or Indian may be out, but I'll see.....

          Of course, I'll report back....

          1. re: baltoellen

            I just had lunch @ Cafe de Paris today, in Laurel. It's worth checking out. The dinner menu had a good selection and for $42 you can get your choice of three courses - app, entree, dessert. Parking is easy bc it's in an ugly office park building (it's off Rte 108) and it was pretty much a straight shot from Baltimore.

            1. re: aussiewonder

              I always recommend Cafe de Paris. It's a great little place and an excellent choice here.

              But it's not in Laurel, it's in Columbia. It still meets the OP's requirements though.

              1. re: JonParker

                I love the Cafe de Paris. You will not believe that you're sitting in the midst of a yucky suburban office park!! And the food is very good French bistro. Yes, it's not in's in that sort of that weird "is it Columbia or Ellicott City?" netherworld.

                1. re: sistereurope

                  Thanks for getting me geographically situated! I thought it was Columbia too, but when I was there today I saw a sign that read: Laurel - Cafe de Paris - in the middle of the dining room. So when BaltoEllen said Laurel...lightbulb :)

                  1. re: aussiewonder

                    It was in the Laurel Mall, and moved to Rt 108 after an INS-imposed timeout, and that area is served by both Columbia and EC post offices with illogical borders. I think Greystone is EC and CdP is Columbia.

            2. re: baltoellen

              also dog pub (same as the one in fed hill) has a location in columbia now too.

          2. Gunnings is just off either I-295 or I-95 at Rte100...decent food and good atmosphere for conversation

            1. Well, thanks everyone. We didn't end up going last night, due to weather concerns. (yes, we're wimps, but my friend was down to one windshield wiper....)

              If we end up meeting for lunch, we''ll head to CdeP, dinner will be Pasta Plus.