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Jan 16, 2002 02:09 AM

Intense Coffee Experiences

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I need more intense coffee experiences.

My happiest intense coffee experience was in the Helmand in Boston - Turkish-style coffee, prepared at the table, with cardomom pods thrown in, beautiful aroma.

So - what are the best places for:

1. Espresso?

2. Cuban coffee?

3. Turkish/armenian/etc. coffee?

Thus far, the best coffee experience I've had in LA has been a cappacino at some place in Culver City across from the studios. And I've yet to find a coffeeshop that makes drip coffee as good as my own prep of Peet's Major Dickson's Blend in the Frenchie Pressie.

And are there any great searing coffee experiences I'm missing here?


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  1. thi,

    another ethnicity you may want to throw in the mix is ethiopian - there is a very traditional coffee ceremony some restaurants do - I've had it here in chicago and it's an experience.

    there's a description of it in Jim dorsch's special report of his trip to ethiopia, link below


    1. great cafe con leche in Silverlake on the corner of Sunset and Parkman (purple building on south west corner)- can't think of the name - a little pricey but so so tasty. and for some hip yet delicious coffee in west hollywood - Urth on Melrose. should be working, but am now dreaming of vietnamese coffee dripping onto a pool of sweetened condensed milk...

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        purple bldg = Tropical Bakery