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Feb 19, 2008 07:50 AM

[Manchester area] Farmers Markets - post your reccs

I've started this new thread so we can discuss what's good (and bad) at the local farmers' markets (and so pecandanish & I can stop clogging up the Rayner thread). I'll start us off with comments about the one at Ashton under Lyne (last Sunday of the month).

Bourne's Cheshire Cheese - all excellent products. One "mature"; another "organic"; another "blue". If ever they have one of their "extra mature" truckles, grab some - better than a mature Cheddar.

Lancashire cheese - the stall that does the "bomb" of Lanky in black wax. Wonderful.

Beef from the guy who raises Dexter beef.

Welsh Black beef (and other stuff) from the crew from Anglesey.

Lamb from the Lancashire farm - normally crewed by a young (to me) couple - him butchering, she selling. Great cutlets.

Jams, chutney, etc - from the Country Markets stall (previously Womens Institute - but now allowing blokes to make & sell)

Apple juice - Eddisbury Fruit Farm. I no longer drink alcohol and its great to find a soft drink that isnt too sweet.

Bury black puddng sandwich - from the van, not the stall at the far side (away from the town hall). Great breakfast while walking round.

Cumberland sausage, game, etc - Border County Foods (who also sell mailorder free range pork)

Free range/organic eggs - Abbey Leys Farm (they also have their own market on the 1st Sunday)

And one to avod - Willasey's (? sp) - the free range poultry people. Twice I have bought stuff that was "off".


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  1. A bit further afield, but the one at Hoghton Tower in Lancs (near Chorley) on the third Sunday is amazing. It has really come on in the last couple of years. Last week I noticed a few new vendors:

    Port of Lancaster smokehouse, selling basically anything you can smoke, from cheese to seafood to whole birds. Got some great smoked eel from them, and have had their kippers and mackerel before.

    The Long Causeway Trading Company were there selling the most wonderful homemade sweet and savoury tarts. Turns out its the folks who run That Cafe in Levenshulme, selling stuff made from the produce of their smallholding in Cliviger. Apparently they also sell at Ashton.

    And Mrs. Kirkhams - selling their lancs. cheese. Not totally convinced by the blue lancs I got there, seems a bit grainy, but everyone raves about them.