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Feb 19, 2008 07:47 AM

Mexican Food in Nashville

I used to frequent La Terrazza on Nolensville road when it was authentic Mexican, but now the gringos have invaded and it just doesnt seem the same. Wondering where the best overall dining experience is to enjoy a good gordita, mole, and cerveza in Nashville.

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  1. I'm not sure Nashville really has what you are looking for (Oaxacan). I'm sorry.

    1. I take it you are looking for central mexico food in a sit down atmosphere. I am at a loss for this in Nashville, I can't wait to see others responses. And why does every mexican place in Nashville serve "queso" that is basicially rotel dip?

      1. It might not be you’re thing, but La Hacienda up by Phonoluxe makes a pretty good Goat soup on the weekends.

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          Their menudo is fantastic. I've never seen mole there, though.

        2. I'm partial to El Arroyo at I-24 & Old Hickory (between Hickory Hollow area & LaVergne). Mole is not always on the menu, but it is extremely good when it is. Be sure to check the chalkboard for specials -- that's usually the good stuff!

          1. I love El Manjar. Not sure how it rates on the Oaxacan meter, though.

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              My favorite "mexican" place is Pancho Villa Grill on Long Hollow Pike, right off I-65
              in Goodlettsville (
              Not authentic Mex, more of your typical chips and dip & southwest cooking. Good menu, great prices, cold cerveza.... Our favorite stop to eat on our way to a Predators game. Very fast service!
              Personally, I like Salvadoran pupusas served with slaw, sauce and lime..... hard to find in this area.... but if you look hard enough they are out there. Saw some interesting place on Nolensville Road area once.... maybe in that area?

              1. re: kelomaki

                The "pupusa" place on Nolensville Road was probably Los Americas. Their pupusas are quite good!!