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Delta Grill?

Has anyone been there recently for dinner? I'm planning a dinner for 8...post grad school reunion with a couple of fellow Columbians. We're aiming for somewhere on the West Side just cause it's easiest for everyone to go to.

I was recommended Delta Grill and was wondering about the food, atmosphere and live music? Comments?? or even other suggestions??

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  1. Kelea, I'm going to respond even though I don't think I qualify as having dined there recently (the last time was about a year ago), since it doesn't look like other Chowhounds on the board today have, either.

    Delta Grill a friendly, casual place to eat though service can be a bit slow. I am not, however, personally a fan of the food, since I don't think it does Cajun (or even southern) cuisine justice. Blackened catfish, jambalaya and gumbo are dumbed down in heat and/or flavor. I'm not an alligator connaisseur, but I remember disliking the preparation I once had there. (Don't see it on the menu, now. Also possible I just don't like alligator.) The fried green tomatoes were soggy shadows of the well-crusted, delicious, greasy monstrosities I had in the south as a kid. I do remember really liking the fried grits.

    Nothing is horrible, but I personally don't go out of my way to eat there, either.

    If you like Thai, Thai Market is good, has a lot of small plates to share, can seat a group of your size (tho you should call ahead so they can push tables together), and it's close to Columbia (107th and Amsterdam).

    You might also think about Gabriela's (Columbus and... 95th maybe?). The food isn't brilliant, but it's solid, the tequilla list is extensive, and it's definitely a place where you can linger with eight people over dinner.

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      I agree. It's not bad, but not great. It is better than the now-closed UWS Jacques-Imo, but not as good as the original in New Orleans. Unfortunately, there are very few Cajun/Creole joints in NYC. Very casual atmosphere. You know, I know they had a band the few times I've been there, but have never noticed.

    2. I can see why someone would recommend Delta Grill to you considering the size of your group and location need, but just be ready for mediocre food. I could make some other suggestions, but don't know if you were married to Cajun.

      1. I haven't been in a long time either since my last experience was very disappointing.
        Would Calle Ocho work for you?


        1. Tragic but thank you all for the heads up. I loved Jacques Imos but alas they've moved themselves off to the other borough.

          I'm not wedded to Cajun/Southern OR location. Anywhere on the west side works, preferably south since we've exhausted all the bars in UWS. Although I do love Calle Ocho.

          I'm really just looking for a place that has a fun/loudish atmosphere for 8 20 somethings. Entrees preferably under $20, and drinks that aren't over-priced. If dive bars or pubs are nearby for after dinner drinks, that's even better! Suggestions please Papaya...

          1. How about Café Rhonda with drinks at Shalel Lounge after? Entrees at Rhona can run a bit higher than your budget, but certainly don't need to. And with a group your size you could probably reserve the large, front room at Shalel for yourselves. Or have you been there, done that?


            1. I used to eat at Delta Grill often when I lived near it. The food was never spectacular, but it was filling and hearty and relatively inexpensive. The beers on tap are cheap and there is live music sometimes which was generally good.

              Another place in the area with decent affordable food is Vynl. Like DG, it's loud and an appropriate place to take a group (call ahead though).

              1. as some one who has recently "dined" at delta grill:
                I have no idea what in the world youre talking about. everything in that place is horrid( I'm being very nice ). The food is pre-cooked! The portions are way too big. Chicken breast stuffed with sausage it $17! Are you kidding me? We are not talking fine-dining here and I dont think theres a fine dining establishment out there that would dare charge that much unless they were throwing mounds of truffels on it. The food is okay for cajun. One more thing, the plate presentation includes something green and purple sprinkled around the rim of the plat. It was rather scary.

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                  Yeah, I work in midtown west & wanted to like the Delta since I'm partial to NOLA music, but the food ranged from mediocre to awful each time I went. If I go at all it's only for a drink, Vynyl is way better food.
                  Druids over on 10 Av by 52 St used to have a great kitchen, is it still going strong? There's a number of interesting places on 9th Ave in the 40s-50s worth considering: Rachels, Marsielles, Hells Kitchen, Wondee Thai, Robert Passon...there's a lot more in that stretch.

                2. thanks guys. i've off-ed delta grill from the dinner list but now i've received requests for mexican/guac. I can only think of dos caminos that is somewhat decent and reasonably priced.

                  is there anything - HK and below (we have location restrictions now) that has good guac and still well priced?