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Feb 19, 2008 07:35 AM

Boneless goat meat

Can anyone recommend a good place to get boneless goat meat? I want to try and make curry goat, but don't want to deal with the bones.


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  1. Though I cook kid from time to time, it's been a while since I bought goat. Still, any competent butcher that sells it can debone it for you (be aware that you're sacrificing a lot of flavour though). Caribbean and Latin American butchers regularly carry it; many other butchers can special order it if given one or two weeks' notice. A good place to start searching would be the Jean Talon Market. Mundial would be your best bet. If no luck there, head to Boucherie du Marché, Prince Noir, the North African butchers, etc. Or ask any not-stuck-in-a-rut butcher (Chez Vito, Boucherie de Paris, etc.). If all else fails, contact the Syndicat des producteurs des chèvres du Québec, who should be able to point you in the right direction.

    1. The SA at the corner of St Urbain and Villeneuve carries goat, but usually only around holidays. And the price is fairly high.

      There are two halal butchers near Parc metro that carry goat regularly, and at a good price--they might debone it for you but I would definitely agree that bone-in is the way to go. Let the eater pick them clean :)

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        Hi Skinner, Do you know if they are on Parc itself or on a side street? I have also been looking for where to purchase good quality goat. Thank you in advance.

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          The closest one is on Hutchison, opposite the Parc métro station and the Loblaws, next to the mosque. Be careful crossing the street though, if you are taking the métro, as the police have been issuing many tickets against jaywalkers crossing in the middle of the block.

          I wouldn't have it boned, though, I'd cook it on the bone and if I wanted to serve it in a boneless curry, I'd bone it once braised, as it is a snap to do on cooked meat.

          Boucherie Nile (see below) is also fairly close to the Parc métro.

          They often sell kid (including boned cuts) at Veau de Charlevoix at the Jean-Talon Market.

      2. There's a Carribean place on Sherbrooke west that usually sells it - but the name right now escapes me. I agree with Carswell (even though he said it a year ago LOL) that you are losing a lot when using the meat without bones.

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          Okay thank you :). Year ago or not it's true! :)

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            I also just found a place through the website above. I called Le Viandes Jacques Forget in Terrebonne and asked them where I can buy thier meat in Montreal and they gave me the name of the place they supply. It is called Boucherie Nile and it is at 376 Av Beaumont corner Parc.

          2. Akhavan's on Sherbrooke at Grand has been stocking bags of stewing lamb and stewing goat for $9.99 in the freezer section. I think they were boneless. I've been meaning to buy a bag of goat for curry for the last couple of weeks. I think they are 1 kg bags.