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Feb 19, 2008 07:30 AM

Best brunch in Baltimore

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Mama's on the Half Shell if you like seafood brunch options. They also serve the full lunch menu during brunch after 11am.

    I would not call it the best brunch in Batimore, but I love the brunch at Ale Mary's. They have excellent Mimosas also.

    1. The usual suspects are Miss Shirley's, Golden West, Blue Moon, Morning Edition, Gertrude's, Hull St. Blues, Jimmy's, Sip and Bite. If you do a search you'll find details on all these and more. Good luck!

      1. Michael's Cafe in Timonium is starting a brunch mid-March. It's on Saturday and Sunday. All their food is wonderful so I'm sure it will be excellent as well. ~ 410-252-2022

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        1. re: amarie30

          In my experience the food at Michael's is horrible. Salmon topped with crab? Ugh. I've been two or three times and nothing was ever better than edible, and usually worse than that. On my last visit I can't even remember what I had, but ex had this horrible pasta dish that was overcooked pasta with dried out veal smothered with canned spaghetti sauce.

          I won't return, ever.

          1. re: JonParker

            That is a shock! I've been dining there for years and thats hard to believe. They are mainly known for their seafood and they really have the best crabcake I've ever had. I wouldn't go there for anything Italian but for the record the service is always fantastic and I love the atmosphere. I will definitely join them for brunch!!

            1. re: JonParker

              Totally agree. Food is just horrible. Friend went their a couple of weeks ago and had to send her crabcake back. The waitress gave her a really hard time..she then came back and apoligized and said the chef tasted it and agreed the crab was bad. She then started with a long excuse how hard it is to get good crabmeat in the winter. Really....I just got some at Wegmans

              1. re: sas

                "She then started with a long excuse how hard it is to get good crabmeat in the winter."

                Duhhhhhhhh, then don't serve crabcakes! My god, what an asinine thing for a server to say. And of course, it's not even true. Just two days ago I was ogling a container of jumbo lump crabmeat at my local Harris-Teeter that was packed in Newport News, Va. (that is, not that Phillips blue swimming crab crap).

                1. re: Bob W

                  I heard numerous of times that Michael's cafe has really good crab cakes. Ive been there about 10 times since i moved to baltimore 5 years ago. My husband always gets the Steak and Cake and I love the Greek Salad chopped! I would give it another try!!! I love brunch and I will give it a shot.

          2. Has anyone tried the brunch at Abacrombie's? From the menu it sounds pretty good and given Abacrombie's reputation stands a good chance of living up to the best brunch in Baltimore criteria, but I haven't been.

            1. Koopers has a very good brunch. Huge portions, tasty, comes with fresh fruit, a few interesting omlettes (I had pretty much a standard breakfast so I cant really expound on anything) and big, strong Bloodys.
              Slainte is supposed to have a good brunch too (we were headed there the morning we at at Koopers but it was too crowded, so we went to Koopers).
              Also, in the Irish vein, recently had a fairly decent brunch at James Joyce. Good bangers and black pudding and bloodys.

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                I have found the brunch at the Waterfront to be good, but it gets pretty crowded. Last time I went I ducked out around the corner to Todd Conners, where I enjoyed excellent service and a tasty Cuban sandwich (not on the brunch menu), served with their addictive house made potato chips.