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Feb 19, 2008 07:29 AM

Breakfast on Main Line

I will be visiting my daughter in Bryn Mawr next weekend, and I want to take her to breakfast before our reservations at the Barnes Foundation on Sunday at 11AM. We have been to Minellis, but prefer to go towards the Barnes to save time.

Anyone eaten at Milkboy Coffee? They advertise local eggs, etc and as a member of Slow Food, I am intrigued by that.

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  1. Milkboy coffee has good food, but it usually takes a while to get it. I would not recommend them if you have any time constraints. Do they do breakfast?

    Right around the corner from Milkboy is the Ardmore Station Cafe. In Wynnewood is Sam's grill. Also, in Bala Cynwyd are Murray's deli and Hymie's. I would recommend all 4 for breakfast. I don't believe that they do the local/slow food, but all are good for breakfast.

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      I'd second the recommendation for Ardmore Station Cafe. We were just there on Sunday and it was really good. The service is very friendly and the prices reasonable.

      1. re: phungi

        Ardmore Station Cafe is a good spot.
        If you want to be really much closer to Barnes, then try Hymie's deli.
        Of course there is always Jakes wonderful Sunday brunches but it is in Manayunk.

      2. Hey! This is a wee bit late, since the weekend is already now, but I'd like to suggest brunch at Carmine's. NOLA food. Delish. I'm not sure when they open, but they're just a few storefronts up form MilkBoy and they're definitely open by noon.