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Feb 19, 2008 07:28 AM

Fresh Brioche in DC

I'm trying to find a good bakery to pick up about 2 dozen Brioche buns either Friday or Saturday. In the city is a definite bonus, but I could trek out to NoVA for some great bread.


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  1. I believe Marvelous Market has them. Multiple locations but I've def. seen them at the Dupont Circle location.

    You should call ahead to make sure they'll have enough though.

      1. My mother adores the brioche from La Madeleine. You may need to call ahead to get that quantity though.

        1. Patisserie Poupon on Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown has brioche buns that are the closest I've had here to the brioche I had in France. For two dozen, you might want to call ahead if you won't be there early in the morning.