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Feb 19, 2008 07:19 AM

Need to find " Ontario" specific recipes

My daughter is compiling a cook book for her Grade 9 Geography class with recipes that are indicitive of each Province. We are completely stuck on Ontario, if anyone can think of a dish that is Ontario specific we would appreciate the help.

Thanks so much for you help with this.

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  1. I had a similar project back in the day. There's a Canadian Living Cookbook (I imagine it's out of print now) from the 80s that has a section of recipes from each province/territory. Maybe you can find it at the library.

    The Canadian Living Cookbook (Carol Ferguson), 1987

    Hope that helps. Cheers.

    1. Butter Tart, Peameal Bacon Sandwich, Fried Smelt, Pablum :-)

      1. Lake Erie perch... breaded and pan fried.

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          St Lawrence Perch rolls too...probably toxic but definitely still a tradition in the Thousand Islands area: Hot dog bun, perch and mayo.

          Edit: Whoops I see now I'm a bit late on this one sorry!

        2. There's the "Flavours of" or the Food Lover's Guide to Canada.

          Blueberries? The best blueberries I've ever had are from Blueberry Point, Georgian Bay. Though I suppose blueberries are found in other provinces too.

          Peameal bacon is definitely an Ontario specific specialty.

          Butter tarts seem to be more French-Candaian and therefore found in several provinces. Leastways, every French-Canadian family I know has a buttertart recipe whether they're from Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec!

          Maybe Foodland Ontario might be of some help?

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            Thanks so much for your fast responses. She has been working really hard on this project over the weekend but was stuck for Ontario other than Peach Pie from Niagara and Ice Wine ( which she can't include in the project) she was stumped and I thought the territories would be the hardest.

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              I would check out the late Mme.Benoit cookbooks in the Library ...I'm sure that she would have her 'own' Lamb recipes because years ago she 'raised' Lambs on her farm property in Quebec.... she was VERY famous for quite a long time , not sure if she is still alive but I would think she would be quite elderly at this point....She was ONE of the big time Chef's known all over Canada.

            2. I found this site and wonder if this restaurant menu might give her some ideas.