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Feb 19, 2008 06:58 AM

Dinner around 59 and Madison

My bf and I are going to a play on Friday night and would like to eat somewhere within walking distance - the play is at 59 between Park and Madison. I am hoping for recommendations for restaurants with good bars where we can have a bite to eat and a cocktail before the play.

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  1. I believe davidburke & donatella is only a few blocks away. And being that you will be there early, you will have an optimum experience. The main problem with them is the waiting later on. Ask for a table in the bar room.

    1. Fig and Olive on Lex and 62nd is a good option:

      1. If you like steak- Uncle Jack's on 56th bet 5th and 6th.

        1. Aquavit is on 55th between the same could sit in the cafe or at the bar-

          1. Tao is on 58th b/w park and madison, while it's a little old now it's still a good choice for trendy, asian fusion.

            BLT Market is a few blocks down on 59th and 6th. Fantastic seasonal american food.

            Serafina at 61st and madison is good italian food at more reasonble prices than Tao and BLT market.

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              Great, thank you for all the recommendations!