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The Woodlands

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Any recommedations for dining in The Woodlands?

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    1. I have been to Jasper's Gourmet Backyard Cuisine several time and thought it was very good.

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      1. Beef Fajitas at Lupe Tortillas. Northbound 45 at Research Forest. Not "dining" per se, but so freaking good...

        Not only do I eat at Lupe's everytime I go to Houston, but I always stop at the Woodlands location for a to-go order everytime I drive home to Dallas.

        1. Not too many places there in terms of non-chains. I agree with the pp about Lupe Tortilla for fajitas - they are great IMO. For steaks, I like Flemings alot (near the mall) - nice atmosphere, great menu and good staff.

          1. I agree the Woodlands is mostly chains - - which is not always a bad thing - - they have just about every one of them.... Depends on what kind of food you are looking for. For general appeal, I would suggest the Black Walnut on Research Parkway. Consistently good, reasonable, nice casual atmosphere. I am not a big fan of Jaspers' over-engineered "backyard gourmet"...

            1. Another great Mexican Food rec is Casa Elena - which is right outside The Woodlands off of I-45. Great food and super strong margaritas - don't have more than two! They also have entertainment on the weekends in 'the lounge' where they also serve food. We go every time we visit family in The Woodlands.

              1. For oldschool hole-in-the-wall classic Tex-Mex, Marisabel's won't do you wrong. Might call to check their hours, as they tend to be erratic. Added bonus of not being a chain, and the dining room being entirely lit from christmas lights and neon signs.

                1. Perry's on Woodlands Parkway in Alden Bridge is a favorite with locals. Not a chain. They have an two inch thick porkchop to die for

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                    I'll second that pork chop! That is worth it over the poor service we receive 50% of the time.

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                      Perrys is in Sterling Ridge, and be warned - - it is not cheap.

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                      Perrys is a local chain with several locations in the metro area:


                      I have eaten at Perry's before and enjoyed it, although the one in Champions had some kinks to work out. It is a chain, though, as is Flemings. Nothing wrong with that though.