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Feb 19, 2008 06:12 AM

Crabcakes sans the dreaded Mayo?

Help me! I have a hankering for some yummy crabcakes this evening and am in search of a recipe that requires zero mayonnaise. Does anyone have a solution? Would the Vegan mayo work as a substitute?

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  1. Are you against all egg?

    1. A little egg and breadcrumb can work as a binder. Pureed scallops work well as a binder. What is it about mayo that you dread? Obviously since you are making crab cakes it's not a vegan issue. Just curious.

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      1. re: scubadoo97

        I made fish cakes today which are chilling to be fried later this evening. I used a puree of bay scallops as a binder. For those that have never tried it, it works very well.

      2. If what you dread about mayo is the smell or taste, don't worry about it. Until my mid-20s, I could barely stand to be in a room with an open jar of the commercial stuff but even then, I didn't notice it in stuff like crabcakes in proper amounts (a couple of tablespoons per lb of crabmeat at most.). You might also consider homemade, it has nothing of that vaguely-reminscent-of-weeks-old-eggs smell that commercial mayo does...

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        1. re: MikeG

          Ditto, make it yourself, or use half whole grain mustard and mayo.

        2. Egg and lemon juice but then you have mayo without oil. You might want to add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper too. You can add in bread crumbs but I object to fillers like that. I just want the taste and texture of crab to come through as purely as possible.

          1. I follow the recipe from Joe's Stone Crab restaurant in Miami, which uses egg as a binder.

            Perhaps you could help us help you better if you could specify what ingredients you want to avoid or dietary restrictions you are following.

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            1. re: Mellicita

              Y'all have saved me. It's the whole eggs sitting in a jar concept that I avoid. Everything about mayonnaise sickens me from the smell to the texture, to the way it somehow curiously stays in my mouth for the entire day. I was born that way.

              The pureed scallops will class up a crabcake indeed.

              1. re: Bonnie D

                The pureed scallops souds great but my suggestion was to just use some plain yogurt.

                1. re: Bonnie D

                  "to the texture, to the way it somehow curiously stays in my mouth for the entire day"

                  Like I said, don't worry about it here. I couldn't've told anything about the texture or lingering until my mid-30s since "tasteable" mayo had never gotten as far as being swallowed by me. I'd go without food for hours if necessary, like if someone forgot to pack sandwiches that had never been spread with the stuff in the first place - wiping it off was just a sick practical joke IMNSHO.(g) Even in my 40s it doesn't occur to me to hesitate for a second to send things back in average restaurants if they screw up that one thing and I'm usually very laid back about that. Not to mention having eaten every sandwich known to humanity with butter and/or mustard, when not dry out of sheer necessity. (lol)
                  A fraction of a teaspoon - which somehow does it - in crabcakes, trust me, no problem.

                  Tip: Occasionally scavenge those little single serving packets and keep 'em in the fridge. They last a really long time and you barely have to handle the stuff. (bg)

                  That and, homemade really is a horse of an entirely different species and quite good once in a while.

                  1. re: MikeG

                    I have never tried making crabcakes with just a little mayo so maybe I need to try that, but I grew up thinking I hated crabcakes and then I finally had crabcakes made without mayo and it was a whole different world.

                    The recipe I use has cream pureed with shrimp (I'm sure scallops would work as well in this recipe), which forms a pastey binder. It works way better than you'd think, though I do find I need to bread the outside of these in order to get the patties to stay still.

                    (blend everything but the crab, shrimp, and breadcrumbs, then add shrimp, blend a little, pour into a bowl and mix in crab and breadcrumbs. form patties and fry. these are amazing):

                    1 lb lumb crab
                    1/3 lb rock shrimp
                    8 oz half and half
                    ¾ bunch scallions
                    2 eggs
                    1 TB mustard
                    1 TB worchestershire
                    1 TB salt
                    2 cloves garlic
                    3 slices of wheat bread into crumbs
                    pepper, hot sauce

                    1. re: Adrienne

                      Oh, well, yeah, if you're not going to use any egg at all, I guess you do need a lot of other binder - the very loose "recipe" I generally use calls for an egg or two, which you don't really taste. The cakes don't hold together all that well but then they're not really supposed to since you don't eat them like hamburgers or the like.

                      That's funny about the crabcakes. Until I was about 8, I and everyonein the family thought I had this weird anti-fetish about tuna salad - the only thing anyone used "noticeable" mayo for. One day I was standing next to one of my parents while they made it and either they or I got me to taste the tuna alone. Voila! Problem solved. Later, my father came up with concept of tuna sandwiches made in unsliced but hollowed out rolls to solve the problem of the tuna + chopped vegs not sitting still on the bread. (lol)

                      1. re: MikeG

                        And somehow, I CAN tolerate mayo when it's mixed into Tuna.

                        Go figure.

                        1. re: Adrienne

                          Actually, I hated all mayo until I hit my twenties, even in tuna fish. My tunafish sandwiches in my youth consisted of a 1/2 can of tuna on bread. It definitely didn't make for easy eating.

                          Now I tolerate mayo, but never like a lot of it. I just use it when I need a binder as in tuna salad, chicken salad, crab cakes.

                          Mike G, I agree with you that homemade is a totally different species. I had extra garlicky aoili that I put in my mashed potatoes yesterday. Really good.

                          1. re: Miss Needle

                            I've never heard so many people who don't like mayo...I could eat a mayo sandwich..Hellman's that is. Best foods for you folks on the left coast.