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Feb 19, 2008 06:08 AM

Wine Bar Recs

My wife and I will be in Manhattan for a long weekend, this Thursday - Sunday. She's attending a conference on Friday until 4p.m. We've reservations at Peasant for 7 p.m. Could anyone recommend a nice wine bar to kill some time before dinner? Looking for nice, relaxed/casual atmosphere.


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  1. Magnum - there's a very cool Spanish wine bar right down the street from Peasant called Xicala (literally a block or two away):

    Also, Bar Veloce, one of the city's first Italian wine bars, just reopened its original location at 17 Cleveland Place. Great selection of eclectic, indigenous Italian varietals and a chill place to kill an hour or two. About three blocks from Peasant...

    If you have a chance to get up to Hell's Kitchen, you should also check out Casellula...imho, one of the best new wine/cheese bars to open up in the city - 52nd bet 9th and 10th.

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    1. You could also have a glass or three of wine at the Monday Room, which is a bar attached to the restaurant Public. It's close to Peasant and when I went there it was pretty cool.

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        Many thanks Vinoguy and jakew8! All your suggestions look/sound great. So the only reasonable decision is to try them all during our stay. Can't wait, thanks again!

      2. Why not just enjoy the downstairs at Peasant????
        Bacaro (Division b/n Orchard and Ludlow) seems to be a new fave too.

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          vegansusan, sounds like a no brainer. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that, as I've read the downstairs is really nice. I think I'll do that and save the other places suggested for the balance of the weekend.

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            downstairs at peasant is awesome (i've many times gone there for a drink, only to cancel my dinner res elsewhere and stay for snacks as well), but it doesn't open until 7.
            generally music is nice and mellow, though last i was there on a Friday nite it was pretty awful and definitely didn't make me want to sit and stay and enjoy a leisurely visit.