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Feb 19, 2008 06:08 AM

San Diego near the Loews Coronado Bay

i checked around the San Diego boards but didn't find what i was looking for.
i will be in San Diego and will be staying at the Lowes Coronado Bay resort and have to take clients out one night. we will be without cars so we will have to cab it.
we want a better than average steakhouse or seafood restaurant that isn't a chain. i will be on the company's dime so it can be a little expensive but don't want to break the bank.

also we don't want to eat at the hotel since we will be eating there most of the conference.



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  1. Coronado Boat House is OK for a steak, not great but may fit the bill for your location.

    1. the Ocean 1500 at the Hotel Del would be great.. might be a tad expensive though..other than that.. I cant think of would be a very nice ambience to take clients..

      1. thank you for the suggestions. both look perfect. i think the boat house might fit the bill even though the food won't be as good.

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          the restaurant at the hotel is actually very good - better than you might expect. They grow some of their own produce etc. In a garden on the premises. Second the rec for 1500 Ocean - very good food and nice setting.

        2. I agree with the others. Coronado Boat House is good. I had my rehearsal dinner there the night before I got married at the Hotel del Coronado! It looks like a miniature of the hotel from the outside...Also Chez Loma if anyone's interested in French food (they do serve steak, but not a variety from what I remember). It provides a completely different setting than a hotel. It's located in a restored/preserved house.