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Feb 19, 2008 05:55 AM

Eating in Tasmania - recs pls!

The title says it all. Any budget, any environment, as long as the food is good.
I guess it should be mostly for Hobart and Launceston, but standouts elsewhere are very welcome!

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    1. re: purple goddess

      my notes from 4 years ago:
      Daniel Alps Restaurant at Strathlyn Wine Centre 9/10
      Freycinet Lodge the a la carte restaurant 8/10 - bistro also quite good.
      Machine Laundry Cafe on Salamanca Square for lunch great 7.5/10.
      Elizabeth St Pier..T 42 Degrees South ....Top place great atmosphere/food/wine 9/10.back a second night
      Doherty's Hotel Cradle Mountain. . Bistro food quite good 8/10. Grey Leaf Restaurant - fine dining 9/10
      Stillwater Restaurant Launceston. Greatfood/service/views/ Top place 9.5/10

      1. re: purple goddess

        beat me too it.
        I second PG's recommendation. If you ask them nicely they will probably respond.

        also has a good report on her trip after their recommendations

      2. I was in Tasmania for a whole month on a climbing trip...EVERY place we stopped while cruising north that had a cheese farm and a little cafe was incredible...what could be more beautiful than sitting with a cheese plate with all the fixings and a glass of wine (only about $12 US equiv.) while seeing a bunch of happy little sheep and cows grazing nearby....mmm, good stuff.
        There were 2 places at the pier in Hobart that we went to when we went to visit my firend's was Greek and very good, another pretty close to it had some of the best fish and chips. Had a lot of great Indian food too but I wish I knew the names of the places.
        Don't forget to drink as much wine as possible...great whites from 9th Island, and soo many amazing Sparking Pinot/Chards...mmmm.

          1. re: e_ting

            There is a little place called the Red Feather Inn,

            42 Main Street
            Hadspen, 7290

            It is heritage listed and is currently closed for renovations. I have NO idea how good the food is going to be, but it was built by convict labour, and in unravelling my family tree, I believe that one of my convict ancestors was one of the labourers on it!!

          2. Just attended the Melbourne Slow Food Festival and chowed down on Bruny Island oysters and cheese.

            You HAVE to check these guys out.




            I had their locally made soft curd oTTo, wrapped in prosciutto.. deeeeevine!

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            1. re: purple goddess

              Oh goodness, purple goddess , you are such a tease...can't wait to get back to the "down under".

              1. re: purple goddess

                man, i need to be there like... now?!!

              2. Definitely 'Prossers' in Hobart!! Sitting above the yacht club a truly understated and yet beautifully executed meal was had on a clear sunny day, gazing over the bay. Lovely and not outrageously expensive. An Institution, here a link.

                Also had a truly life affirming and wicked curried scallop pie at a little bakery, turn Right off main street (Onto Edward street) in the quaint village of Richmond (just ask a local - they'll know!!). Lots of antique stores and lovely b&b's. Gets busy on weekends. WELL worth the drive.