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Jan 15, 2002 03:27 PM

A coffeehouse with really good food!

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To escape my children, I'd recently taken to working in some local coffeehouses, but was very disappointed in the quality of the noshing (I think the food leaves much to be desired at the Coffee Table and Cafe Mi Cultura has great sweets, but sometimes I need more and they stopped making sandwiches)... until a friend told me about Dose of Joe. It's located in a little house on Rowena near Glendale Blvd. in Silverlake, and somebody is doing something right in the kitchen. I've had delicious home-baked scones and a solid huevos rancheros for breakfast. For lunch I've enjoyed a yummy BLAT salad and another time I had, sincerely, one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever tasted. Great bun, organic beef, grilled tomatoes and onions. Superb! I have friends who similarly rave, so I'm passing on the good news. It's also very cute inside and they have a nice patio outside and you can sit all day.

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  1. Jenji,

    I love working at Dose of Joe's -- good air conditioning in summer, quiet and empty tables all year round. But the food? Hmmm. Can't say I was impressed by the scones but I'll give the hot food another try... Nothing can be worse than the swill at the Coffee Table...

    Where is Cafe mi Cultura? Is that the place across from Rockaway Records?

    See you in the nabe.


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      The trick to the scones is getting them right out of the oven. Also, I like really heavy, bready, not-too-sweet things so they're right up my alley
      Cafe Mi Cultura is a lovely place on Hollywood Blvd. a block (or two) east of Wilton.
      See ya!

    2. Coffee Merchant on PCH in Redondo Beach (next to Whole Foods) has just recently added a panini grill. My SO and I had the grilled vegie/goat cheese grill on Sunday and it was served along with some pretty fabulous potato salad with a vinegar base (vs. mayonnaise).

      1. Although it's been a while since I've actually eaten there, I've always thought the food at Rita Flora (La Brea/6th St.) was above average. I'm also unsure whether it has evolved into more of a restaurant than a cafe. Either way, it is certainly one of the more pleasant places to hang out for a couple hours.

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          While I like Rita Flora's location and option to eat in the flower shop itself, I was unimpressed with the food last time I ate lunch there -- some kind of California chicken salad, as I recall. It wasn't bad, just uninspired. Cafe Midi down the street is much more interesting. They have good tea, coffee, and Badoit! The food selection is fresh and creative.


          1. re: Marco Polo
            michael (mea culpa)

            Badoit, the carbonated Evian??? Mais non.

        2. Urth Cafe on melrose has great organic soups and salads. never had their sweet stuff, but its always a busy place!

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          1. re: eddie

            Urth Caffe makes their own "sweet stuff", e.g., pies, cakes, cheesecake, some of the cookies. The vegan chocolate cake made with Valrhona chocolate is terrific and I am far from being a vegetarian.

          2. I like the Panini Coffee (or something like that) next door to Aunt Kizzy's in the Marina. One of the few "quick eats" that I actually enjoy in the Marina Shoppning center there when I need a quick or cheap eat.

            Great Sandwhiches, love their California burger! Their soups rock!