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Feb 19, 2008 05:42 AM

Port Angeles/Sequim--buying beef, seafood, etc.

This summer's family vacation has us staying at a house in Port Angeles for a week. I like to cook, so I'm looking for places to buy locally grown beef, freshly caught seafood, etc.

I've got the veggies covered...there's some great produce markets I've already scoped out...but I'd like some suggestions for where to buy meat and seafood.

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  1. When you go down Hwy 101 thru Sequim, on the right side is Sunny Farms, you can find great meats and seafood in thier old fashioned meat counter, where you choose it and they wrap it for you. They have great vegetables (and prices) there, along with fresh organic vegetables, and hormone free meats. You don't want to miss Sunny Farms, if just to squeeze yourself thru the isles and enjoy the old country market feel, they also have a great nursery there next door, with a little Asian like bamboo section.
    In Port Angeles there is a place on First St called Sunrise Meats, they smoke their own meats, seafood and make thier own jerky (yum) and cut all thier own meats right there.

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      Thanks so much for your insights. I'll check 'em out.