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Jan 15, 2002 02:42 PM

Uh..oh.. Valentines Day is coming

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This is my first post, and I am so glad to have finally found this site.

Santa Claus really provided this year with a wonderful new girlfriend. I'm trying to think of a great place for dinner for Valentine's Day and would appreciate some suggestions.

I've been to My Little Door a couple of years back -- loved the ambience, and was shafted (like many others by the server).

Ideally I'm looking for something small and special.

What have been your favorite places??

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  1. La Cachette on Little Santa Monica in West LA serves a really romantic Valentine's dinner. They also have a wonderful apricot tart.

    1. Dress up nice and warm and make reservations at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. The food is just this side of OK, but you can NOT beat the decor... it's mostly outside, in a glade near Topanga Creek.

      Ask for creek-side. And do it soon - they'll sell out by next week. Then you can experience the wonder and weirdness that used to be Topanga before the yuppies moved in - the menu is "listed in order of esoteric vibration", meaning vegan, then ovo-lacto vegetarian, then poultry, then red meat.

      The bread, unless they've improved it recently, is a chaloshes. Absolutely like eating birdseed. But the food is well prepared if a bit on the under-seasoned side and a bit on the weird side.

      The wine list is quite good and has some organic wines and (last I checked) some ice wines.

      It's in Topanga Canyon, just northwest (like 50 feet) of the intersection of Topanga Cyn. Blvd. and Old Topanga Cyn. Rd., about 6 miles from PCH.

      1. I've had a lot of great dinners--and a lovely Valentines'--- at Off Vine in Hollywood----on Leland near the intersection of Vine and Sunset. Cozy and delicious--also a fantastic Sunday Brunch. Enjoy!

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          We've always loved that place. That was our destination two years ago. Leave room for their great dessert souflees and a great lobster bisque (not a regular menu item but a special). It's a small charming place so do make a reservation.

          Looks like we will be trying Josie in Santa Monica this year.

        2. My favorite place for a romantic dinner is Cafe Beaujolias in Eagle Rock. Fantastic food, great service, good wine...

          It's a gem!

          1. My boyfriend took me one year to Il Cielo, on Burton Way in BH. Very cozy either in the cottage or on the patio, tables lit up by candles and little else. Food is decent Italian; can't remember the dishes I had, but it must have been good (no bad memories). This place is more known for ambience anyway...perfect for Valentine's Day. Definitely take a look.