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Feb 19, 2008 05:10 AM

Payday Breakfast at work...ideas please!

We have a system at the school where I work that on payday Fridays, we have a breakfast. We rotate turns and each time, there is 3-4 people providing. We've had everything from donuts and bagels to omelets with home fries and bacon. This Friday is my turn. Last time I made a tray of purchased breakfast breads, mini bagels, and cream cheese. I'd like to do something different, but I don't want to be cooking in the morning. Any tried and true recipes out there that can be made in advance and don't require any heating up?


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  1. What about frittatas? Great at room temp. and you can certainly make them the night before.

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      Ooh, I forgot about those...actually I work at a school and I teach Spanish, so tortilla espanola might be just right. Keep the ideas coming please!

    2. This is actually a diet recipe but you can add to it. The South Beach plan does a version of frittata in muffin cups using sauteed veggies. You can put in whatever you like, bacon, cheese, etc.

      Another suggestion would be biscuits with ham & cheese or some other type of protein. You can prepare biscuits night before and bake them off while you are getting ready in a.m.

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        If you don't mind just tossing stuff in the oven in the morning, how about an Overnight French Toast Casserole or a Strata, both that soak overnight and simply bake off in the morn? Same with a breakfast bread pudding.

        Quiche, in addition to the aforementioned frittata, sits well at room temperature.

        You could also do some pressed sandwiches, like Muffalettas, that you could make the day before and let the flavors meld overnight.

        Fruit Salad w/ honey and lime also is very refreshing.

        If you had warmers, you could supply a Mexican breakfast with beans, rice, etc. and some tortillas to make burritos... different idea, but a propos given what you teach.. I'd suggest breakfast burritos, but that would require cooking unfortunately.

      2. How about a European style breakfast buffet? I love the breakfasts served in hotels in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. (I am not sure if it is the same in Spain, since I have never been there.) They usually include an assortment of white and whole grain breads and/or rolls, hard and soft cheeses, cured meats (especially ham), hard boiled eggs, cut up fresh fruit and berries, yogurt, granola/muesli, milk and juice. Serve with lots of coffee.

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          I guess I should have mentioned that I'd also like to keep the cost down as well (new mortgage + teacher's salary= not much left over!). Otherwise, the European breakfast is a good idea.BTW- I've never been in a hotel in Spain that did breakfast but they do the same thing in Greece!

        2. Crockpot of steel cut oatmeal (it cooks for you overnight), with varied oatmeal toppings. Nuts, brown sugar, maple, dried fruit, blueberries (you can use frozen to cut costs), even cheese and bacon go... Serve with a fruit salad, perhaps yoghurt...

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              I made baked oatmeal for a breakfast-buffet thing at my work, you make it in a cake pan and it comes out with a crust, plus you can bake all the toppings into it (walnuts, dried cranberries, brown sugar, cinnamon...the one I made also had an egg). If you have an oven at work, heat it up in there and the whole place will fill with this nostalgic aroma. Serve with extra toppings and some milk.

            2. One my family loves and can be prepared the night before. Ambrosia.

              I take a can of pineapple chunks, any fruit I can get a a reasonable price. Bananas, grapes, peaches, nectarines, mandarine oranges. Then add, a cup or so of chopped walnuts and a cup of shredded coconut. Mix it all together, then in the morning add your favorite whipped topping. A crossaint and a plate or this is pure heaven.