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Revolving Sushi

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Yesterday we drove past a sushi place on Ventura Blvd. around Encino or Tarzana that appeared to be a conveyor-belt sushi type place. This was not Cho-Cho San which is a mediocre place I already am aware of. Does anyone know of this other place? How is the selection? __ JET

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  1. There is Yamato's in Encino. Never been so I can't give you any guidance on how it is.


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      Yamato in encino doesn't revolve.

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        Some do and some don't then. Maybe it'll evolve into one that does?

        Just called to get a definitive diagnosis and they said that the Valencia location does, but that none of the others have it.

    2. A new revolving sushi place just opened in BHills, hardly Encino proximate, yet operated by the Sushi Roku people, at 338 N. Canon. Called Lucky Fish. 310.274.9800

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        Hi Carter, Can you tell me if the rolls at Lucky Fish are inventive, or is it mostly straight Nigiri? Do you recall some of the yummier rolls on their conveyor belt? Is it pricey being Beverly Hills proximate? Thanks! -JET

      2. In Little Tokyo there's the Frying Fish in the Japanese Village Plaza; it's not top-notch but decent. The conveyor belt itself doesn't offer many interesting selections and more often than not you'll have to place a special order with the sushi chef -- which kind of defeats the purpose of going to such a place.

        Also, *avoid* afloat sushi in Pasadena -- it was bad when I went years back, and I still hear awful things about it from friends who went more recently.


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          Sorry to hear about Afloat Sushi... i haven't been in years, but it used to be decent...

          My favorite is Kaiten Sushi on Sawtelle... They do special orders, but the conveyor belt stuff is pretty neat too!


        2. Maybe you're thinking of Sushi Mac. It's on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. It revolves but only plates with pictures of the sushi are actually on the belt. When it first opened they had real sushi revolving but I suspect the health department didn't like the way they were doing it.

          1. I couldn't think of what place you were describing at first, because I always think of Cho Cho San when I hear revolving sushi. But then I remembered that there is a sushi place in the CVS shopping center at Louise and Ventura (the one with the Starbucks and Jamba Juice) that has a conveyer belt and a big sign that says revolving sushi. I think it's name is Kaiten.

            My comment -- Stay away. If you think Cho Cho San is mediocre, this place makes Cho Cho San look like Urusawa. It follows the Sushi Mac approach of very low price (last I checked, most items were $2.50) for bad-quality fish made badly. It does have more rolls than Sushi Mac, but that is about all I could say for it. Unless you are really desperate for very cheap sushi, i.e., even Cho Cho San is too expensive, I would skip this place and go to Hirosuke, a block away.

            In the interest of full disclosure, I've been going to Cho Cho San for cheap sushi for 25 years and enjoy it for some of its long-standing special items. I would put its spicy tuna and rock 'n' roll up against anyone's in the city and, if I stick to the less expensive items on the menu, can get a good non-traditional sushi meal for $20.

            1. Thanks, everyone!, It sounds as if the place is called "Kaiten", & I'll definitely stay away!! But the place in Beverly Hills sounds like it might have some yummy rolls. Is it on Wilshire?, and are the rolls on the conveyer belt pretty good? Does it compare with that short-lived conveyor belt sushi place at the end of a block in Santa Monica? Wait a minute: Wasn't that place ALSO called "Kaiten"? By the way, I took Hounder's tips, & really enjoyed the non-traditional rolls at Sushi House of Taka, Especially the L&M Roll which was a crunchy deep-fried salmon & cream cheese roll with sweet eel sauce --Yummmm!! -JET

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                kaiten (sushi) just means converyor belt sushi. so don't let the word scare you if it is in the name.

                i go to the one dommy goes to in WLA in the olympic collection....the full name is daichan kaiten sushi. it's decent, cheap, quick and fun.

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                  Thanks, Wilafur! Can you tell me the specific location & perhaps phone number of the Daichan Kaiten Place you mention? Do they serve lunch on weekends & week-days? Thanks, JET

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                    I don't know about its hours, but the place Dommy and Wilafur mentioned is in the Olympic Collection, which is a collection of shops and a conference center at the NW corner of Olympic and Sawtelle.

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                      Daichan Kaiten Sushi
                      11301 Olympic Blvd
                      Ste 203
                      Los Angeles, CA 90064
                      (310) 914-5028

                      not sure about lunch (pretty sure they serve it though) as i only go for dinner.

                2. Fat Fish


                  Decent rotating sushi bar. The best part is the 50% off rolls during happy hour.

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                    I got panned a while back for liking Fat Fish, but I love the one in K-town. When I work there on Wilshire, I always have lunch at the Fat Fish on 6th. They have several different items that are not sushi that come round the belt, including soba noodles, sashimi salad, and so on.

                    Here for pics:


                  2. Jet, I believe you passed by Revolving Sushi, which is a part of the Cho Cho San chain (the only other restaurant is located in Thousand Oaks). To confirm, was it in a small plaza next to an Indian restaurant on one side and a Thai restaurant on the other; the plaza itself is on Ventura Blvd., directly across from the C.A.R.D. building. If this is the place you passed, turn back! It is by far the best, hear me--the BEST, sushi in LA (i should say the best in the sushi capital of LA, Ventura Blvd.). Fresh fish, great service, cozy rectangular sushi bar with awesome chefs, and great prices. :)

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                      Actually, in the original post six months ago, Jet was talking about Kaiten in Encino (in the CVS shopping center near Louise). Jet knew Cho Cho San in Tarzana and specifically said it was not Cho Cho San.

                      As for Cho Cho San itself, it gets very mixed reviews. I personally love it for what it provides -- non-traditional rolls at reasonable prices. I particularly love the Rock n Roll (baked scallops and avocado) and the spicy tuna. But for anything other than the creative rolls, there is far superior sushi elsewhere. I would not even call Cho Cho San the best sushi in a 1/2 mile radius from Vanalden (Sushi Iki has far better quality fish, but it's very traditional). I also avoid the more expensive rolls that Cho Cho San added a few years ago. It used to be a great value, but the additional menu items have increased the prices significantly.