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Feb 18, 2008 08:40 PM

birthday dinner for a 10 year old

want to take a 10 year old to dinner in the alexandria area ...something nice and special...she is very well behaved and no other kids..any ideas?

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  1. Is the 10 year old an adventerous eater? Maybe that would help narrow down some of the options in Alexandria...

    1. How about Peking duck carved tableside? Peking Gourmet at Bailey's X-roads does a really nice carving. (Warning, it is also the most expensive Peking Duck in the region, but they manage to separate almost every bit of fat from the crispy skin.) My 8 year-old finds it fascinating.

      My daughter also adores Rays The Steaks, in Arlington. Your challenge there is a lack of reservations --- see other entries about Rays on this board for information about how to score seating.

      If you're ready for adventure, Hee Been at 395/Little River Turnpike will cook your kalbi tableside and you can all learn how to roll the beef inside the lettuce with fixings.

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        Polly's the pro on this subject and I agree with the Hee Been idea.

        The Ray's idea makes me think of Del Merei Grille as well - getting the frickles to start with.

        1. re: Dennis S

          Not all Korean dishes are incendiary. In addition to the Kalbi at Hee Been, you could have jap chae (clear chewy noodles with meat and veg), hae mul pa jon (a scallion and seafood pancake), and bulgoki (grilled thin sliced beef).

          When we were in Korea with a group last summer, hae mul pa jon was a big hit with the kids.

      2. I know you were looking for dinner but my daughter loved afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. It's quiet, nice large fireplace and piano playing in the background. Because it was her birthday, they brought her a special little cake and the pianist played happy birthday but unobstrusively so no one but her knew (or maybe they just do it regularly so everyone who's celebrating will feel like it's for them). The service was great; she had the best time.

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        1. re: chowser

          my niece is down for the weekend and we are actually doing the tea ! thanks for the feedback!

        2. Fontainne Caffe and Creperie would be fun for a little girl. Very Parisian Bistro setting with savory and sweet crepes. Not fancy, but fun and accessible.

          Are you looking for white linens etc.?
          Very nice idea, btw!!

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          1. re: monavano

            i was looking for something really dressy as she appreciates the fanfare of the "night out" we are doing the tea one day....i could travel too....

          2. There is always the Chart House in Alexandria, it is located right on the water and has a nice atmosphere. I happen to like the food there, although I'm sure others disagree. Afterwards, Ben and Jerry's is right around the corner : )