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Feb 18, 2008 08:35 PM

White River Junction/Coffee

did I hear that a coffee shop might open up in WRJ? any idea who? where? when? I am also
sad to hear about Middle Earth in Bradford closeing, not a food place I know, but a great music hall. I hear a few Chefs have moved around cant wait to hear more, I feel so out of touch these days

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  1. The where is the former Como Va space. I'll inquire as to the when.

    1. hanover had a new cafe open within the last few months. it is umplebys and serves good coffee, scones, pasteries and even panini. try it - t really is nice

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      1. re: alienor

        Umpleby's is the best. They have delicious sweet pastries (chocolate croissant) and delicious savory pastries (sausage wrapped in puff pastry). I have not tried their sandwiches but I would bet they are good.

        1. re: greenstate

          I can't wait to get to umpleby's! Has the coffee shop opened yet?

      2. just stopped by the new coffee shop today, it looks really nice, you can tell they just opened due to staff trying to figure out the computer. very nice cashier & staff, very small menu. just had a muffin and a "bold brew" which it was. All the seats were taken when I was there so had to take mine togo. from the laptops I saw open it seems they have wifi. very up beat music. the poka dot was open and busy too....glad to see white river doing so well

        1. What is the name of this new coffee shop in WRJ? Anyone know the hours?

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              the name of the coffee place in white river junction down by poka dot is called
              the tuckerbox......I had a very nice chilled gazpacho(?) this week, my husbands
              new fav. place.

          1. Interestingly, I noticed that there is now a Jake's Coffee at Exit 19 in Lebanon as well. Had a decent donut there this morning, will try their sandwiches another time.

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