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Feb 18, 2008 08:26 PM

Roaring Fork In Scottsdale

Coming to PHX/Scottsdale for few days on business with my wife. Liked Roaring Fork's menu, but read that since former owner left, it's been going downhill. True?

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  1. I just recently went to Roaring Fork and had a great meal. I think it is one of the better restaurants in the area. I have only been maybe a total of 7 times but each time I have always had a great meal and I have never really heard anyone say they have not enjoyed their dining experience there. Actually this is the first time I heard anyone mention anything about the owner leaving.

    Other great options within a mile of where Roaring Fork is that I enjoy: Eddie V's Wildfish (crab cakes are amazing and they use VERY fresh ingredients in their cooking), Olive and Ivy, Cowboy Ciao, and Estate House which I just recently dined at Saturday and really enjoyed despite what some of the reviews have said.

    Hope you and your wife have a wonderful time during your stay!

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    1. re: kvaz

      "Actually this is the first time I heard anyone mention anything about the owner leaving." He might be referring to Robert McGrath selling out his share in early '07? It's good to hear you had a great meal recently. I havent been for a couple of years and had wondered if it had changed much.

      1. re: BillB656

        I have not been in for dinner in some time but have done happy hour a couple of times in the past six months and have noticed no diminution in quality in the foods at the bar at all.They remain a great value.

        1. re: AzDumpling

          I agree, Roaring Fork has held up nicely since McGrath left, his new venture at Pischke's seems to be struggling to find a direction though.
          I think the OP would be satisfied with Roaring Fork.

          1. re: kmarg

            Roaring Fork was recently acquired by the same restaurant management group that owns Eddie V's and Wildfish.

    2. I've been to Roaring Fork several times sinch Mcgrath's leaving (both bar and main restaurant), and haven't detected any change. It's still excellent.

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      1. re: crsin

        Would Restaurant REM be an option, I haven't heard anything about it yet?
        For OP info, the chef who started Roaring Fork and left started this place and took over a local favorite Pischke's after the sudden death of the owner.

        1. re: kmarg

          I don't think REM is open yet.

          1. re: crsin

            REM is now expected to open in early june. Sounds very cool though, huge building and sounds like it almost might be set up like three separate restaurants, one jazz bar, one fine dining, and i cant remember the third. slightly different menus in each.

      2. Have been there before and after Chef McGrath sold out, and was 'disappointed' afterwards. It didn't seem to have the same "edge" as before. The service wasn't quite up to par, the entrees weren't as varied as before. Got a "Jalapeno Shrimp" entree that didn't have any jalapeno flavor, and were hard as rocks. It just didn't impress us, as if they'd "gone corporate" and lost the spark that a one- or two- off place should have.

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        1. re: phxcook

          I never really thought Roaring Fork was excellent even when McGrath was there. Tasty and consistent yes, but definately not excellent. I can't report on any changes since his departure since I 've not been, but who's really dying to keep this place on their list of must try restaurants in Phoenix anyway? Surely we can all move on to something new and more interesting.

        2. Quick question about Roaring Fork for those of you who've been there a few times: we're debating whether or not to go here for dinner tonight. We've never been and want to try something new. We want to eat in the saloon - do they serve food in the saloon until closing, or is the saloon menu just good during happy hour?

          Also, given there's spring training going on and it's Friday night, is there going to be a super-long wait to eat in the saloon? There's only two of us. Thanks!

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          1. re: sistinas

            Get there early and you should be OK, or wait until the happy hour crowd clears out at 7. They serve dinner menu in the bar until close, but the HH menu ends at 6 or 7.

            1. re: kmarg

              Ah, we were looking at eating from the saloon menu. Thanks for clarifying that!

              1. re: sistinas

                I'd call ahead and verify the HH menu policy, I haven't been there in a while and things like that tend to change based on season.
                contact info at - I always like eating at the bar there, the green chile pork and the burger are great choices.

              2. re: kmarg

                Hmm....I thought they had a bar menu all night long, but the prices just went up at 7.