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Feb 18, 2008 08:24 PM

Need Reco. for approx. 40 ppl and $100-200pp Budget

I am getting married and am looking for a location which can accommodate about 40 people. A private room is strongly preferred but not required. The budget is flexible and I'm willing to go up to $200, if not more, with wine included.

The date is five weeks away so I need to get moving. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Viet Cafe in Tribeca- they have a beautiful gallery for private parties. Also, Public may work as would the wine cellar at Del Posto.

    1. Are you only looking in Manhattan? Blue Hill at Stone Barnes has amazing space for events, but thats a 40 minute train ride/ drive....

      In the city, did you check out Charlie Palmers penthouse loft in the D & D building, called Astra. Great food, excellent view.

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        Not sure how many it holds, but since it's such a chowhoud fav I'd check out the backroom at Cripso.

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        1. You could rent out all of Esca for a little more than that.

          1. Having done a disgusting amount of research into a holiday party for 40-50pp for my firm (I was saddled with it because of employment in the idustry prior to my current job), I have a few suggestions. Patroon can do you a very nice private party with cocktails and a sit down dinner for close to but still under the $200 amount. The Parker meridien can do the same and I believe 40pp will fit into their penthouse party space. Also look into Italian Wine Merchant <> They do family style private events in a uniques space. The food cost will be about 100-125 per person, and then you just need to figure in the booze. Town would be able to do a nice party but will be just out of your range. Country will be able to accomodate at the price you want (but some of the rooms are old-fashioned). Eleven Madison Park was unable to give us the dates we wanted but they were very nice to deal with and will probably work with you on the budget. Good luck.