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Feb 18, 2008 07:44 PM

sushi near Cedar Sinai?

I am seeking suggestion for a great sushi place to meet up with an old friend--ideally within a 15-minute drive from Cedar Sinai. Urasawa is my idea of great sushi but, in this case, my friend's paying so I don't want to break his bank. We would like to be able to chat so no Koi or Matsuhisa, please. I do not particularly like Nishimura, either. I heard about Wa Sushi--is it still good? Any other recommendation will be appreciated.

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  1. i haven't been to wa for a few years, but as i recall the sushi was decent. i wanted to love it, but i didn't. plus, i wasn't crazy about the atmosphere or the service.

    how about hirozen on beverly?

    depending on the time & traffic it might not take you too long to drive over to hamasaku...or one of the places on sawtelle...or even down to sushi zo.

    btw, why don't you like nishimura? i've heard such good things....

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Terrible service at Nishimura the one time I was there.

      1. re: fdb

        Had the exact same terrible service at Nishimura which was closer to insulting and disdain BOTH times. I decided to give them a second chance after the first disaster. Maybe a night off? Nope. Equally horrible on both visits a la the demon hostess.

        The quality was good but the selection was otherwise limited and unremarkable...all for a mere $140 pp.

        1. re: Porthos

          thanks for the report. just crossed it off my "really should try to get there before i move back to NY in 3 weeks" list.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Wow. That would have been a colossal waste of money given that there's Sushi Yasuda in NYC. You've got all the asian and mexican cuisines you need to focus on before you head back.

            1. re: Porthos

              i used to live in NY, and never felt the sushi there was as good as it is here, even at places like sushi of gari.

              but i haven't been to yasuda, so it's on my must-try list.

      2. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I agree with Goodhealthgourmet's views on both Hirozen (an underrated gem) and Wa (just leaves me cold) but, while worth the extra drive time, I doubt you could get to either Zo (my favorite), Hamasaku or Sawtelle (Kiriko is my pick there) in 15 minutes if during prime time. Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills (S. Beverly) might work though.

      3. I haven't been to Wa in a while, but it was very good last time I was there. If you're going for lunch and looking for a bargain, Kado at the Farmers Market has a $20 all you can eat and it was pretty good.

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        1. re: MariaFeliz

          What about Mon Sushi on Third Street, near Locanda Ventetta (across the street from the hospital)? I have been there for years but I think that it was pretty good.

        2. Theres also Hirozen on Beverly and I think Orlando ? If youre driving down beverly from cedars sinai past la cienega its on your left in a lil strip mall, if you got to fairfax you went way to far. Very quality fish and pretty good prices.

          8385 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

          1. There have been many very good comments about Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills here on the LA board. About 5 to 10 minutes away by car.

            Sushi Sushi
            326 S Beverly Dr
            Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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            1. re: Servorg

              i haven't been to sushi sushi, but if you do eat there and leave room for dessert, you could always walk a few blocks north to sno:la after the meal for the best fro-yo in town.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                I agree sno:la is one of the freshest fro-yo place in town, but it's just not my cup of...ummm "yogurt"--too tangy.

              2. re: Servorg

                Sushi Sushi is an old favorite of mine. Is Hirozen in the same league?

                1. re: fdb

                  Haven't been to Hirozen. I am still smitten with Sushi Zo, but Sushi Sushi was very good, (ala carte) the one time we went.

                  1. re: fdb

                    Hirozen is wonderful. Amazing fresh fish, and some very creative hot dishes as well. It is quite small though, so if you arrive late you might have to wait. I think they take reservations though. Cafe Sushi is right there also, but it isn't very good.

                    1. re: Food622

                      cafe sushi is AWFUL. it shouldn't even be mentioned on CH. ever.

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        yes, cafe sushi is right up there with sushi dan. i'd skip sushi mon as the one time i went there the sushi was gross. hirozen is my all time favorite in the area but be warned; the space is pretty small so conversations aren't quite private.

                        1. re: trolley

                          agreed. my one experience at sushi mon was pretty awful...although not quite as wretched as crazy fish [i did NOT go willingly].

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            yes, sushi mon is up there with crazy fish.