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Feb 18, 2008 07:37 PM

Searching for 100% coconut water in southern ct

Does anyone know where I might purchase coconut water in ct specifically New Haven or Fairfield county? I had it at a new vegan restaurant I tried Ashima and I would like to be able to have it at home. Thoughts?

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  1. i'm assuming there's a wholefoods around there, but a couple of months ago in NJ, there was a company promoting a coconut water that they sold in a sugar added. it was kinda expensive, but as close to fresh coconut water that i've had since leaving hawaii years ago. Not sure of the brand-name, however, but i'm assuming it's still there.

    1. they definitely have it in Whole Foods in Norwalk. I don't know where you are but Edge of the Woods in New Haven might have it.

      And, there are 2 new raw/juice bars - one in East Haven and The Stand in Norwalk that might carry it. But, I personally bought it at Whole Foods.

      How was Ahimsa? That's on my list. It looks so stark in there though.

      1. Aside from WF- I have also found it at Shop Rite (it's cheaper there too).