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Feb 18, 2008 07:35 PM

Teflon Pans with Red Circle in Middle

Does anyone know what brand of pans Jamie Oliver uses on the Food Network.

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  1. They are made by Tefal (French I think) with his name endorsing them. They are pretty good pans and the idea of the red patch is that the pattern within the patch disappears when the pan is hot enough to cook with.. Tefal have been using this on most of their other ranges for some years which tend to be low to middle $$. Perfectly ok products, but expect to replace them after a couple of years.

    Google Tefal.....Lots of info.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Thanks, I'll look it up -- where do you buy yours? I love his latest show on Food TV, want to get my hands on some good mushrooms.

      1. re: walker

        I'm in the UK and Tefal is widely available. The J.O. ranges are a little more specialised though. I expect they will have a US distributor/mail order service.

        Ever tried dried mushrooms? I think they're lovely.

        1. re: walker

          I just bought one of those pans last week at Costco (in Toronto). It was a replacement for a similar one that I just retired after a couple of years of use. I use these mostly for eggs, and only with a plastic or silicone utensil. The coating only lasts so long, no matter how much you baby it. Mine cost about $25 and it's pretty wide (12- 14" - I can't remember exactly). Pretty nice weight for what it is, and yes, made in France.

          I have never - not ever, not even once - used the red circle to figure out if the pan is hot enough.

          1. re: Nyleve

            Instead of "sticking" to teflon pans, you can try the german brand Woll Cookware. Since I bought one in Germany 2 years ago, I was very happy with my titanium coated frying pan that performs with first rate cooking results, and it's also PFOA free. I can say that this is one of the best frying pans available. Heavy duty titanium based coating, practicly can be used without oil, easy handling and cleaning. I couldn't find them in the US, maybe someone knows were they can be found? more information can be found at or

            1. re: miro

              I may have missed it, but I did not see where they explicitly state their non-stick coating does not contain Teflon or is PFOA free.

              1. re: Jennifer_B

                You are right that it's not specified on the product. Yet, since I was bothered that the product might contain the carcinogenig residue, I made sure with the retailer that it's not the situation. Actualy he sent me a mail from the manufacture stating that the product is PFOA free

                1. re: miro

                  Tefal also states their cookware is PFOA free. PFOA is not supposed to be present in the finished product, so barring a manufacturing defect, all cookware should be PFOA free.

                  Virtually all non-stick cookware is Teflon (or the equivalent if it's not from DuPont), and I don't see anything to indicate the Woll stuff is anything else.

                  1. re: Jennifer_B

                    Well, I am not a chemist, and I can just share my knowledge and experience, and to point the differences that I am aware of. 1. standard non-stick coating (branded or not) are indeed using PFOA 2. standard non-stick coating limits us to low-medium temp. exposure 3. I've used numerous nonstick pans, never experienced one that releases like the Woll titanium pan 4. since we all probably shared the same frustration from the rapid decline of a standard non-stick coating performance, even with expensive lines that lost the easy-release qualities after short period, not to mention it's peeling, that's why I am so impressed with my Woll pan. it works perfectly, although daily used, for already 2 years with amazing cooking results, and the non stick surface functions and looks like new. Isn't it great!

            2. re: Nyleve

              Agreed. I get T-Fals from Toronto area Costcos too during the annual promos. Good pans but disposable since they're compromised in 12-18 months of moderate/heavy use. The "spot" is a bit of silliness since it reacts very differently according to heat source. Quality is fine but they're worth no more than about C$20-25. The Oliver stuff is pricier/prettier but appears no more durable.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                I've got to disagree about the Oliver stuff. I'm now at about two years or so with no signs of wear whatsoever and no change in cooking or nonstick properties. I don't impress easily, but I love the JO nonstick fry pans. (I do not have any other cookware from this line.)

                As noted in an earlier post below, I do NOT believe the manufacturer's claims that metal utensils are completely safe and I do not wash them in a dishwasher. I treat them very gently and am careful not to overheat.

                Yes, the red circles are silly. They do more or less what they claim to do but are irrelevant if you know how to cook. I do believe a novice cook might find the circles slightly helpful when preheating a pan, but they are hardly a reason to choose a T-Fal pan..

                1. re: embee

                  Where do you buy the JO pans? I can't find them in San Francisco.

                  1. re: walker

                    I just noticed this - sorry for my late reply. They are available at Hudson's Bay and Home Outfitter's stores in the Toronto area and, occasionally, at Sears and at independent cookware shops. I can't really help you with SF sources.

        2. Zabar's stocks T-Fal. They're not too expensive, yet a step up from the tin-foil stuff in the discount stores.

          I've tried expensive Teflon lines, but all of them lose the easy-release qualities after about a year, so I just get a new T-Fal each year.

          1. Many Tefal lines have the red circle and most of them are junk. However, the Jamie Oliver branded nonstick pans are exceptional. I have now been using the JO nonstick pans for more than a year. I exercise reasonable care and treat them as I would any nonstick pan, using only implements that I know won't cause damage. (I have assiduously ignored suggestions that metal implements can be used safely). I am also careful not to overheat the pans.

            In short, these pans sear food beautifully, create usable fond, and are genuinely nonstick. They show no signs of wear or of losing their nonstick properties. They are very heavy, which is undoubtedly relevant. I've no idea how long these pans will last, but they are by far the best nonsticks I have ever used.

            They have been available at a small and seemingly rotating bunch of stores in Toronto, with fairly regular "half price" sales. I have seen them at the Bay/Home Outfitters and at Sears.

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            1. re: embee

              Thanks for the info; I assume his brand of pans come with the red circle. Does anyone know where I can find them in San Francisco? Also, I have a big pan I use for stew, tomato sauce, etc. It's by Berndes and is not teflon but is non stick and fantastic -- I should buy more of these. The store where I got it closed but Amazon carries it.

              1. re: walker

                Be aware that there are several ranges with the JO name on them. I think that all the non stick ones have the red spot (although Nyleve is right, it's useless unless you are a real newbie). I have a couple of the excellent hard anodised pieces, but they are not shown on so maybe they're out of production?