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Feb 18, 2008 07:28 PM

1st visit to Montreal

I'm sending 4 people that work for my company to a meeting in Montreal. They will be staying at the Hyatt Downtown. Your suggestions for dinner would be appreciated! They will be there Friday night and flying home Sunday. I would love to find spots that aren't full of tourists. Nothing too expensive please. Any other suggestions for what they can do all day Saturday would alos be appreciated. We live in Los Angeles so want to stay away from anything that one could see/do in any big city. Thanks so much!!

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  1. You might want to start here:

    A place that's not necessarily for everyone, but is unique to Montreal is Au Pied de Cochon ( ) Search the board and you'll find that's it's almost universally loved. (also search "APdC"


    The Montreal Highlights festival is taking place between Feb. 21 -Mar. 2, So if your colleagues happen to be here during that time it's worth checking out.

    1. Try L'Avenue Restaurant on Mont Royal Blvd. East for great atmosphere and food, not too pricey, but get there early; line ups after 7pm ($15-$20 per person). Also Lola Rosa Cafe on Milton Ave., near McGill University, for interesting vegetarian fare with a south american/spanish style of cooking; average cost about $15 per person. Pasta Andrea on St. Joseph in Lachine for excellent pasta. Visit Old Montreal for beautiful centuries old architecture on many streets, and lots of restaurants and bars. Have a great time!

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        Considering they're from out of town and most likely without a car, Lachine is out. I would also skip l'Avenue. Food is all right, I guess, but unmemorable. For the same kind of money, I'd go to Petit Alep for syrian/armenian food that is well prepared or even to its next door Alep which offers a dining room ambiance. The Hyatt being on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Jeanne-Mance, it's a 15 minutes walk to Schwartz THE smoked meat place in town and one truly unique Montreal experience. Ask the people at the front desk, they should be able to direct you. It's on St-Laurent blvd. On Duluth, just a stone's throw from Schwartz is Le Réservoir, a brew pub that also serves very good food that has nothing to do with the usual pub grub. It's more of a restaurant which happens to bre its own beer.

      2. If they are into wine, I suggest Pullman. It is a nice wine bar that also serves interesting food. It's located on Parc Avenue, just above Sherbrooke, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. I am sure the front desk can direct them.

        For good Dim Sum, La Maison Kam Fung is good, also a few minutes walk from the hotel. It is on the second floor of the mall, I think the address is 1111 St Urbain. Get there before 11:30 am on the weekend if you want to avoid the wait.

        Another good breakfast spot that is not too far is Beauty's on the corner of Mont Royal and St Urbain.

        If they like Indian food and don't mind the trek on public transportation, they can make take the 80 bus north to the Park Ex district aka Little India and find a plethora of Indian restaurants along Jean Talon St.

        1. "Réservoir" for brunch on week-end is a winner destination, not at all touristy; and it's not an egg'n'bacon kind of place; but very hood'; not far from Schwartz's

          For dinner, there are ton's of places; I would go to "L'atelier" or "La Porte" or "Joe Beef" or "Liverpool House" ...

          Or maybe the new "Bazaar" for Lebanese with a twist.

          1. ...Or you could try one of the many fine neighborhood "bring your own wine" bistros such as Le Bleu Raisin or Le P'tit Plateau. There are no corkage fees and by not paying restaurant markup on wine, you will certainly keep the cost of your meal down.

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              Thank you all with you wonderful suggestions! It's very much appreciated. All sound fabulous...wish I was going too :-)

              If you think of anything else, they aren't going until the end of the month