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Jan 13, 2002 08:05 PM

Looking For Reviews Of Robin's Woodfire BBQ (Pasadena)

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I am looking for reviews of Robin's Woodfire BBQ and Grill in Pasadena. Robin's just got a positive review by Meredith Brody in "New Times."

Does Robin's serve real BBQ or is it like Tony Roma's? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I've not been there, although I have found that her reviews are pretty much spot on, once you wade throught the godson/movie/I don't have a car/ bullshit.

    1. Based on a food review on the net, a
      friend and I went to Robin's last year
      and we were not impressed. They have a
      deal on Mondays or something for all you
      can eat ribs. I tried just ribs, which
      was mediocre, and my friend
      had a chicken and ribs combo that wasn't
      too hot. If this is the place near Foothill,
      then the restaurant kinda looks like Bedrock from
      the Flintstone's. (except bright red)

      1. Robin's just off Foothill in Hastings Ranch used to have one of those all you can eat fried chicken deals, years ago. Sounds like that concept didn't work, and that this barbeque idea may smoulder also. (Clue: sniff and look for smoke, if you can't smell smoke outside the restaurant during the day, then what are they using for a "barbeque"?)

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          In Robin's case, probably a microwave.

        2. robins started as an upscale coffee shop in an old lawrys "totinos" italian idea. recently switched to bbq. i went early in their reincarnation and was not impressed. three different sauces, all lousy. meat was fair. they offer beef ribs, st. louis and baby back cuts. i told waitress then they were doomed to failure because a true bbq lover would find them mediocre at best. they're still around, still have all you can eat nights, serve more than just bbq: burgers, pizza, chili, etc. i still go there but not for bbq. check out the la chowhound bbq tasting for best in city. robins would not make the list.