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Feb 18, 2008 06:50 PM

Pastries at Cocola, Santana Row, San Jose

I tried Cocola's pastries twice and have been disappointed twice.

Tried them when they first opened at Santana Row, and was disappointed. Figured they were ‘new’ and working out the kinks. Tried again today, still no luck.
Perhaps they have a specialty that I haven’t tried? Please advise.

Today I purchased a raisin roll and an apple tart. I assumed the raisin roll would be of a Danish dough, rich yeast dough, or a croissant dough. But when I tasted it… nothing. The dough had no hint of butter, egg, yeast. Just flat tasting. Perhaps even stale. Very disappointing.
And the apple tart tasted of rough flour, but seemed to be sufficiently browned on the underside. Guessing there must have been a layer of flour under the apples that never quite baked enough. The apple tart looked as if it was made of puff pastry, and yet I could not detect butter. Are they using hi-ratio shortening instead? So disappointed, I actually drove back to Santa Row ( 2miles), searched for a parking place and returned them both.

Btw- I noticed they use a refrigerated display case for their pastries (even the ones that don’t have perishable fillings). Guessing that's accelerating the staling process, and loss of flakiness.

Has anyone had any luck with their other pastry doughs?

Cocola Bakery
333 Santana Row # 1045, San Jose, CA

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  1. I'm not a fan of Cocola Bakery pastries. They look like they should be wonderful, but regardless of type, they lack flavor. Check out Shokolaat, on University Avenue in Palo Alto. My husband stopped in and brought home the most beautiful croissants we've seen in quite a long time; they were buttery and brown and perfectly delicious. He also brought two of their Danish pastries; these were very pretty, topped with fresh berries after baking instead of the usual cooked fruit. I felt they were missing the yeast taste that I associate with a good Danish and suspect they were made with croissant dough. Tasty, but still not the Danish I'm looking for.

    516 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301

    1. I've purchased pastries a while back from the Cocola from the Westfield SF Shopping Centre and had a similar experience. I don't recall what I had ordered but I remember the pastries being limp and very bland. Definitely not worth the caloric expense.

      1. Check out some of the previous threads, and you'll see that Cocolat hasn't been rated very well. Here's grading the Southbay pastries IMHO:

        Cocolat: A for looks, C for taste
        Fleur de Cocoa: A for looks, A for taste
        Sugar Buttter Flour: B/B
        Shokolaat: A/A- (some are fanastic, some are so-so)
        Bijan: B/B
        Gayle's: A/B
        (and just for fun - SF Tartines: A/A-)