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Feb 18, 2008 06:43 PM

Cecil's BBQ


I've read positive posts about Cecil's, my questions are

Are all the locations equal in food and service?

Are the locations good places to eat in, or is it more of a take out place?

Any special recs from the menu?


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  1. I've only eaten at the one on South Orange, and it's good, but not as good as Blackwater BBQ, which is just a little bit farther south. This may sound odd, but the past two times I've eaten at Cecil's, I've order the ribs, they have had bit of a plastic taste. I'm assuming this is because they are stored in plastic wrap until the bones are cut, but I don't really know why (since I've seen Blackwater store them the same way without the plastic taste).

    However, the hot BBQ sauce is very, very good. And their selection of sides are numerous, and tasty. It's not that I don't recommend Cecil's, but get pulled meat rather than ribs. Also, you can eat-in there.

    1. I've also only been to the one on S. Orange, but I love it. Never had the ribs, so I can't speak for jazzy's experience, but the brisket, pulled pork, and sausage are all excellent. Lots of sides to choose from, my favorite being baked beans, collard greens, blackeyed peas, and cole slaw. The hot sauce is hot, but damn good. Free soft-serve ice cream for dessert. They've got beers if you want them, but the sweet tea is good and sweet. Never been to Blackwater because I just can't pass Cecil's. It calls to me.

      1. Only been to the S. Orange Cecil's. The beef brisket sandwich is always good, but the hot link sandwich is truly outstanding - little flecks of jalapeno give it perfect residual heat. I wish I knew where they get their hot links!