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Feb 18, 2008 06:00 PM

Recs-best indian food in Baltimore (Wed 2/21)

My sister is visiting Wedensday night and likes Indian food. I am not that familiar with Indian food and look forward to taking her to a restaurant where she can guide me through the menu. Any recommendations for favorites or particular dishes we should try at your favorites?

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  1. I think I'm in the minority, but my favs Indian place in B'more is India Rasoi in Little Italy. But I've not had Indian food in a bit - IMO, B'more doesn't have great Indian food anywhere.

    1. I'm a fan of the Ambassador Dining Room; the opulence of the room with it's faux print furniture, big chairs, stained glass windows and at this time of year: fireplaces! The food's good but I think the pretty dining room wins me! It's in the Ambassador Apt' building on Canterbury, in the area of JHU/One WOrld Cafe. I usually go for their mimosa Sunday lunch buffet which is a good deal, but I think the dinner menu's slightly pricier.
      Wonderful food, spicy, bright flavours and good value for money, but lacking in atmosphere and ambiance is Cafe Spice on York Road in Towson. It's caddy corner to the Towson Library, below ground - I think it used to be Purim Oak. They also have a fantastic lunch buffet that's super cheap and changes daily!

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        Katmandhu Kitchen in Towson has good flavors at dinner, including some Nepali specialties, in a peaceful atmosphere. IMO much better tasting food than the Ambassador

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          We chose Cafe Spice. Had the lamb vindaloo, chicken tika massala, an okra dish (something bindi), fruit naan, raita, vegetable samosa. My sister was impressed with the variety of vegetarian entrees and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Ambassador Dining room (actually closer to home) will be another day. Thanks.

        2. Ambassador Dining Room: Higher priced but you can't beat the atmosphere. Most Indian places also have nice lunch buffets.

          Kitchen of India: Little atmosphere but wonderful food and inexpensive.

          1. I've always like India Palace in Cockeysville, MD.

            1. Most of these recs are either pricey (India Rasoi is good, but a special occasion on my budget), or out of town (I don't make it up to Towson for dinner much). Anyone have recommendations for good Indian places in the city that won't break your budget?


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                I've always loved going to Akbar on Charles in Mt. Vernon. I think the food is great, with fast, smooth service. Their tandoori chicken is awesome, as is their saag paneer. Yummy naan and great chutney that comes with the papadums. Reasonably priced, too.