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Feb 18, 2008 05:32 PM

Kitchen Nightmares at Sabatiello's Stamford

Just want to make sure the CT foodies have heard that Gordon Ramsay's kitchen show is in the middle of shooting at Sabatiello's on Bedford St. in Stamford. On Tues and Wed diners get to eat Gordon's creations. I guess Sunday and Monday were the "before" dishes. I'm somewhat horrified that a restaurant would admit they need help that badly, but maybe the publicity is a good thing.

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  1. Saw the ad on Craigslist for diners but they are all booked now

    1. Yay! I'm going tonight with 2 friends. So glad I don't have to eat the "before" dishes! No wonder the Sunday & Monday diners got a $20 credit towards their meals.

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        See ya there and can't wait to hear your take on the dishes!

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          Can't wait to read what you're allowed to write about here on CH! (Hopefully you'll be able to say something BEFORE the show airs!)

        2. Do you know what times they will be filming?

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            I assume most of the evening- I hope so, because I have early reservations. I'm watching an episode of it right now online so I can be ready for the big night.
            video at:

          2. Ha! I love that show. Would love to eat the before dishes (and meet that cute dish, Gordon Ramsay!). We used to be regulars at Sabatiello's, but it does seem like it's lost its focus.

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              I know the restaurant hasn't been there too long, right? Wasn't something else there several years ago?
              I hope they can revive it- the downstairs seating area is really cute.
              This might be mean to say but I think the name of the restaurant is too long- it doesn't roll off the tongue. I know it's the owner's name, but... for a hopping area like Bedford, a traditional-sounding restaurant is not going to make a splash unless it's really great food.
              The name is so long that I don't even feel like typing it. Just being honest. (Gordon Ramsay-style!)

              1. re: Stamford Talk

                I think the place has been there for a while (we've only lived in the area for about 5 years and it's been there as long as I can remember), but it was called something else. It has always been an Italian restaurant, but I thought the food was better before the name change. Hubby used to love a chicken scarpiello dish and I used to love a rigatoni with eggplant and fresh ricotta. We both enjoyed the mussels as appetizer.

                When it changed to Sabatiello's, we were disappointed that the prices went up and our favorites were gone, but the staff seemed eager to please. Now, with a frozen drink machine and party room upstairs it seems like they've lost their focus. Getting seated upstairs is the kiss of death for service.

                I would love to see Ramsay pare down their menu to some real specialties that are done well.

            2. Amanda, add me to the crew that will definitely be waiting for the unfiltered CH recap!