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Kitchen Nightmares at Sabatiello's Stamford

Just want to make sure the CT foodies have heard that Gordon Ramsay's kitchen show is in the middle of shooting at Sabatiello's on Bedford St. in Stamford. On Tues and Wed diners get to eat Gordon's creations. I guess Sunday and Monday were the "before" dishes. I'm somewhat horrified that a restaurant would admit they need help that badly, but maybe the publicity is a good thing.

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  1. Saw the ad on Craigslist for diners but they are all booked now

    1. Yay! I'm going tonight with 2 friends. So glad I don't have to eat the "before" dishes! No wonder the Sunday & Monday diners got a $20 credit towards their meals.

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        See ya there and can't wait to hear your take on the dishes!

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          Can't wait to read what you're allowed to write about here on CH! (Hopefully you'll be able to say something BEFORE the show airs!)

        2. Do you know what times they will be filming?

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            I assume most of the evening- I hope so, because I have early reservations. I'm watching an episode of it right now online so I can be ready for the big night.
            video at:

          2. Ha! I love that show. Would love to eat the before dishes (and meet that cute dish, Gordon Ramsay!). We used to be regulars at Sabatiello's, but it does seem like it's lost its focus.

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              I know the restaurant hasn't been there too long, right? Wasn't something else there several years ago?
              I hope they can revive it- the downstairs seating area is really cute.
              This might be mean to say but I think the name of the restaurant is too long- it doesn't roll off the tongue. I know it's the owner's name, but... for a hopping area like Bedford, a traditional-sounding restaurant is not going to make a splash unless it's really great food.
              The name is so long that I don't even feel like typing it. Just being honest. (Gordon Ramsay-style!)

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                I think the place has been there for a while (we've only lived in the area for about 5 years and it's been there as long as I can remember), but it was called something else. It has always been an Italian restaurant, but I thought the food was better before the name change. Hubby used to love a chicken scarpiello dish and I used to love a rigatoni with eggplant and fresh ricotta. We both enjoyed the mussels as appetizer.

                When it changed to Sabatiello's, we were disappointed that the prices went up and our favorites were gone, but the staff seemed eager to please. Now, with a frozen drink machine and party room upstairs it seems like they've lost their focus. Getting seated upstairs is the kiss of death for service.

                I would love to see Ramsay pare down their menu to some real specialties that are done well.

            2. Amanda, add me to the crew that will definitely be waiting for the unfiltered CH recap!

              1. I'd LOVE to check this out! Love the show (and Gordon) and am a Stamford foodie. Any ideas on how to get a party of 2 squeezed in??

                1. Ok the good news and bad news about last night. Well the good news is, I saw Gordon Ramsay. A lot. He even scolded me. I felt so special. We sat downstairs in the restaurant which happened to be near the kitchen. So again, we saw Gordon -- a lot. I was under the impression however that we were there for a revamping of the menu, which could completely be my mistake. But it was the same old menu. The food was...good. Not great. Just good. We ordered a couple appetizers - salad & portabellos on polenta. Speedy service, friendly staff. I had the tilapia francese for my entree, The portion was enormous. Too big. Enough to feed 2 or 3 people. It was good. Nothing mindblowing, but I went in with high expectation to be honest. I'm sorry I don't have more to write about the food but it was really just your average run of the mill italian.

                  HOWEVER, I had some friends sitting upstairs in the restaurant. They were told by the staff that if they wanted to be on TV, they had to order the beef special. Apparently, the beef came out ice cold. Absolutely terrible. Their server was dismissive. My friend had to order a drink 3x before he actually got it. It sounded to me like they were trying to *create* drama with my friends group. I'm not sure they totally got what they were looking for. They might have.

                  I will say this -- it's very odd sitting in a bright restaurant trying to act normal with a camera in your face and a microphone over your head. I had severe giggles in the beginning of dinner & kept trying to duck the camera. Towards the end of the meal, the cameraman sat at a table next to us for a good 20 mins and just filmed us. Again, it was odd. We forgot about him for a while, but then all of a sudden you remember there he is and pray you're not going to be on TV :)

                  All in all, it was a fun experience. Just seeing Gordon Ramsay was really the whole point. He was very tame. The hostess said he was a complete sweetheart. We heard no yelling. He wasn't particularly talkative (minus the time he scolded me). He just kept coming in and out of the kitchen all night.

                  Would I do it again? Probably not. I got my fill. Am I praying today America won't see me eating & potentially acting like a goon? You bet.

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                    LOL! Thanks for the "review". So...what were you wearing and why did Chef Ramsay scold you? (Just in case we *do* see you on TV!)

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                      I got "scolded" off camera. My friend and I stepped outside for a minute to get a breather away from everything. And of course, when we stepped out....our food was delivered. Ruined a shot. Gordon popped his head out the door and with a grin on his face gave us a teeny scolding. A quick laugh & a "sorry chef" and we were back inside.

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                      Your description of your upstairs friends confirms what I've always thought of the American version of KN. Its a totaly phony scripted way to showcase Ramsey's "talents".

                      Ramsey is as full of himself and as fake as Donald Trump.

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                        I think I was sitting right across from you. When I saw a guy and two girls, I remembered you said you were going with 2 friends... were you the blond, or the brunette with the great cleavage? (If you're the blond, maybe you have great cleavage too, it just wasn't facing me.)
                        Gordon was adorable- hot, even. The beef special was well done on the outside and almost completely raw on the inside. The meat itself was tasty though. I got some good 'camera in the face' time, but I'm not sure if my husband's and my awkward conversation will make for a good TV clip.
                        My waiter was wonderful despite the cameras following him around. The owner was nervous but attentive, not in a terrible annoying way. He seemed very likable. I hope this show helps the restaurant.
                        I think my favorite part of the evening, besides a very nice Merlot, was when Gordon Ramsay insisted on carrying a baby carriage up the stairs-- with the sleeping baby in it.

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                          Really? I'm the blonde! And I know what you mean about my friends cleavage -- fabulous. She got some help on that from Victoria's Secret :) If you see me around, please come introduce yourself!

                          Yup Gordon't pretty cute. I agree. Didn't see the baby carriage moment.

                          What was your overall impression of the meal?

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                            Ah- I should take more advantage of VS myself. I would have ran over and asked if you were Amanda, but I didn't want to break the "this is just another evening of dining" vibe. You guys looked like you were having a great, great time.

                            Overall impression: I hate to say this, mediocre, but there HAS to be hope. I liked my fried ravioli- husband thought it was only fair but we have divergent taste in food. My steak was OK, husband was happier because he didn't mind the raw middle. I thought our waiter was very good.

                            What did you think of the meal?

                            One more thing- maybe it was the garish TV lighting, but the food didn't look attractive, and the table had paper on it, something Gordon pointed out as a flaw in a previous show. I don't want to sound like a complainer- the food was fine and I thought 40 bucks for a filet mignon for two is a good deal. The meat was pretty good. Go Sabatiello's, for being brave enough to do the show.

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                              A quick drive by at lunch & I saw the restaurant's windows are completely blacked out. Trucks are still in the back lot & holding up traffic. Maybe the re-launch is this weekend? I'll be curious to see the revised menu & decor. The downstairs is ok, but the upstairs is awful. Drab & boring.