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Feb 18, 2008 04:53 PM

Here's a Challenge

Okay, Chowhounders, here's a tough one for you. Next Monday is my daughter's 20th birthday. She wants to go to a restaurant where she would not be out of place wearing a gown (the rest of us will be more casual). She's a vegetarian and since I am picking up the tab for 6 or us I would like it to be reasonable. Somewhere from Spadina to Roncesvalles would be great. If you can think of a special place that would appeal to her eclectic but classy sensibilities and that is open Mondays, I would appreciate your recommendations.

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  1. Terroni on Queen st would work and has an appropriate loudish atmosphere for the B-day girl, Le Select Bistro on Wellington would fit aswell...

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    1. re: Recyclor

      Terroni however, will not take a reservation, and even on a Monday, it might be tight to get a table for 6.Ladies in gowns should never have to wait for a table. :)

      Not sure if they're open on Mondays, but my first thought would be Fressen.

      1. For atmosphere, perhaps the Drake or the Gladstone Hotel?

        Neither is totally veggie, but there are a few options on each menu. The Gladstone is less expensive. The Drake is a fancier room. I don't think the food at either is top-notch, but nor is it bad. Most of all, I do think either venue would be OK with a girl in a gown!

        1. Don't know if it is open Mondays, but Amuse-Bouche on Tecumseh would be classy.

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            no Amuse-Bouche not open Mondays, and neither is my would-be suggestion - Niagara Street Cafe

          2. Thanks, all, for your suggestions. A lot of places are closed on Mondays. She's the only vegetarian and a place that's only vegan is not appealing (last year we indulged her and went to Fresh - it was awful). I had thought of The Drake or maybe the Rooftop Lounge at the Hyatt Park Plaza. I'll let you know.