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Here's a Challenge

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Okay, Chowhounders, here's a tough one for you. Next Monday is my daughter's 20th birthday. She wants to go to a restaurant where she would not be out of place wearing a gown (the rest of us will be more casual). She's a vegetarian and since I am picking up the tab for 6 or us I would like it to be reasonable. Somewhere from Spadina to Roncesvalles would be great. If you can think of a special place that would appeal to her eclectic but classy sensibilities and that is open Mondays, I would appreciate your recommendations.

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  1. Terroni on Queen st would work and has an appropriate loudish atmosphere for the B-day girl, Le Select Bistro on Wellington would fit aswell...

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      Terroni however, will not take a reservation, and even on a Monday, it might be tight to get a table for 6.Ladies in gowns should never have to wait for a table. :)

      Not sure if they're open on Mondays, but my first thought would be Fressen.

    2. How about cafe 668 on Dundas (www.cafe668.com)?

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      1. re: currycue

        Ditto 668. It's vegan!

      2. For atmosphere, perhaps the Drake or the Gladstone Hotel?

        Neither is totally veggie, but there are a few options on each menu. The Gladstone is less expensive. The Drake is a fancier room. I don't think the food at either is top-notch, but nor is it bad. Most of all, I do think either venue would be OK with a girl in a gown!

        1. Don't know if it is open Mondays, but Amuse-Bouche on Tecumseh would be classy.

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            no Amuse-Bouche not open Mondays, and neither is my would-be suggestion - Niagara Street Cafe

          2. Thanks, all, for your suggestions. A lot of places are closed on Mondays. She's the only vegetarian and a place that's only vegan is not appealing (last year we indulged her and went to Fresh - it was awful). I had thought of The Drake or maybe the Rooftop Lounge at the Hyatt Park Plaza. I'll let you know.

            1. I would suggest Il Sorriso on College near Clinton. Varied menu and relatively decent pricing. I don't think a gown would be out of place, hell, it's her birthday, she can do whatever she wants...

              1. How about Rosebud? Definitely fits the eclectic but classy bill - there is always something interesting going on there so a gown wouldn't look that odd. The food is also good and reasonably priced - I'm sure they would accommodate.