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Feb 18, 2008 04:49 PM

Buckhead Ethnic/Hidden Gems

I work right in the heart of Buckhead (Peachtree & Piedmont) and I'd love to find some inexpensive, ethnic "go to" places for lunch. Buford Highway is an occassional destination (C'om, Pho Da Loi (?), Panahar), but really takes too much time to go to on a regular basis. I like just about every type of cuisine (really need an alternative to the $15 salad for lunch every day!) Is there such a place in Buckhead???

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  1. Sheesh, if I had a brewpub in walking distance, I'd be useless most afternoons.

    That said, what comes to mind are some of the taquerias on Cheshire Bridge. Bit of a drive, though.

    I think that, when you string "Buckhead," "ethnic," and "cheap" together, you only get to pick two as criteria for any meal. ;-)

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    1. re: ted

      Yes, I know, it is a bit of a tall order. Where are you thinking on Cheshire?

      1. re: atlantanative

        There's a store w/ a lunch counter in the strip next to Landmark Diner (think Starship and maybe Bamboo Luau are there too). They do tacos and tortas- haven't been in a long time. Pretty much no English spoken there.

        The other mercato is El Molino, down past Taqueria del Sol on the R. It's in the strip at Liddell, across from Barking Hound Village. The kitchen is in the very back of it, with just a few tables. Looks grungy but they do good food. I usually just get tortas to go, but they do plates too. Great carnitas.

        As long as you're thinking going that far afield, Little Bangkok is also good for Thai (and they have some more-Chinese dishes on the menu, too, though nothing adventurous).

        1. re: ted

          Thanks Ted for the recs! I've been to El Molino for groceries, but never eaten there - I will be sure to try both when I need a Mex. fix.

          1. re: atlantanative

            The other is Acapulco Market. Passed by this AM and actually looked up to refresh my memory. Haven't eaten from there in a long while, but I remember getting carne asada tortas where they pulled out the beef and cooked it up to order. I remember getting asked if I wanted the "jugo." First time I said "si" and they drenched the sandwich in the juice from the canned jalapenos. Majorly hot.

            Also, I'm assuming that Hong Kong Harbor is an obvious option.

          2. re: ted

            Of course, you may have already figured this out, but those directions to El Molino put you at the Onyx strip club. It's actually Cheshire Bridge and Faulkner, one light to the N. Near where the Chamber was (classic Southern directions).

            Oh, and not to state the obvious, but Happy Herman's (whoever owns it now) still does a good Cuban sandwich.

            1. re: ted

              When did they close The Chamber?????

              I remember that Cuban place near Piedmont. Loved to get the MediaNoche there.

              1. re: masnole

                Not sure we're talking about the same place- Happy Herman's is a deli on Cheshire Bridge at Lindbergh/LaVista. I'm not sure how they survive w/ Publix and Whole Foods nearby, especially since I'd guess they haven't updated/re-vamped since the 80's. They do a lot of prepared foods, but they've always made Cuban sandwiches. My wife used to like the "Smokey" sandwich which, IIRC, has smoked gouda, turkey, and eggplant.

                And I haven't been paying attention, much less going out lately, but the Chamber claimed to be a casualty of CoA's rolling back bar hours back in '04:


        2. re: ted

          if memory serves--and my memory is like my tennis game in that it double faults a lot--there was a Cuban place over at the intersection of Piedmont and Sidney Marcus that was pretty good but I can not remember the name.

          1. re: Lan4Dawg

            Think maybe you're talking about Coco Loco, if I'm remembering the name right.

            Not ethnic, but Souper Jenny is good, too.

            1. re: ted

              Yes - Coco Loco is at Sydney Marcus & Piedmont, accross from the new Home Depot complex. Good, cheap eats, but a difficult left turn into the strip mall during heavy traffic hours (like lunch).

              1. re: jboeke

                At least they put in a light there b/c of the new HD. There wasn't one before.

        3. It's not ethnic, but we just went to Brick Top's for lunch and really liked it. Not cheap but not expensive either. Nice atmosphere.