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Feb 18, 2008 04:29 PM

Restaurant Row In San Marcos

So, if you will recall, we are somewhat new to the area, not yet a year old. Anyways, does anyone have anything to say about the plethora of restaurants located in restaurant row in San Marcos?

I have read that Fish House Vera Cruz is very good and actually we will be dining there tonight but at the Carlsbad location.

So, when I have found myself in San Marcos, I have been kind of lost when it comes to eating (a horrible condition to be in lol). I usually just head back to my neck of the coast where I know what is what, since I have not yet resorted to carrying my laptop with me wherever I go so I can log on to Chowhound to figure out where to eat when I am in a strange land. This is becoming quite problematic at times for me. Imagine, if you will, me and my sweetie standing in front of a restaurant in a neighborhood that is new to us, and me saying, "I just don't know. I do not remember what the people on Chowhound have to say about it. or if they have said something about it. maybe someone said something about it? Do you think there is an internet cafe near-by where we can check?".

I have driven by "Restaurant Row" or "Old California Restaurant Row" (as I have found to be its official name after my travels on the internets) and thought, "Hmmmmm, wonder if there is one good restaurant in that bunch?" But I have not been brave enough yest to stop and see. Because, well, a clump of restaurants all together, does not usually make for a yummy meal, I have found.

I'm rambling, I see.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Most are mediocre. If you're looking for a concentration of restaurants look in the Del Mar area. Market, Arterra, Pamplemousse, Tractons, Pacifica Del Mar, etc.

    1. i had a very salty experience at friar's folly. I do enjoy FS vera cruz, but the C'bad location is super close to me. I think a majority of the restaurants are one step above TGIF.

      I agree with PGB with the restaurant recc's. I had a very nice meal at Arterra this weekend with panna cotta with fresh citrus to die for.

      Also it is good to see you on tripadvisor.

      1. San Marcos Brewing Co. is in there, and they make some very good beer. India Princess has decent indian food, provided you stay away from the buffet.

        1. Bruno's has been there for many years and is consistant. Decent pizza and homemade pasta and sausage.

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            Here's a permalink to a post I made on Bruno's from another thread...


            ...and another one on Fish House Vera Cruz...


          2. Hate to say it but the only place we go there is FHVC. Everything else has always been kinda ehh.