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Feb 18, 2008 04:27 PM

Palace Diner, Flushing?

We were on our way to Main Street Bagels in Flushing this morning when we passed by an old-school place (or at least it looked that way) called the Palace Diner. Since I will be back in the Flsuhing area at least a couple of times over the coming weeks, I was curious as to whether this place is worth going to, either for lunch or dinner. Has anyone been there of late?

Thanks for any info you can give...

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  1. If you have an appreciation of huge menu diner food, Palace is worth checking out. It's not the best, I vote for Neptune in Astoria and Pop in Elmhurst. But it's far from lame and the only option for many, many blocks.

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      i love POP!!!! The amazing thing about it, is that it looks just like the Queens diners of my youth, (so you get that diner comfort feel) but it offers much better food and variety, including some spicy carribean dishes.

      1. re: monalisawoman

        I have been to Palace, Pop and Neptune and rate Pop at the top of the list. Their service is pretty quick too.

    2. I would avoid the palace diner. Too many people have had negative experiences there. Including a relative in the emergency room.

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        i think it's fine for your standard diner breakfast, but avoid their desserts at all cost. i think those things in the dessert display have been there since like the '70s. i ordered a strawberry cheesecake thing and it was downright rotten and green inside. that was not very nice.

      2. Palace hasn't had a good rep for quite some time. Head a little further over to Blue Bay- they do a decent job.

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          i have to respectfully disagree...i think blue bay gets way too crowded and puts no effort into their dishes, i find it very mediocre. I think Palace's food is better quality. However, one of my favorite diner's in Queens is Pete's Cafe on 73rd Ave and Bell, though I also love Jackson Hole. But, my ultimate fave is New York Style Eats on Queens Blvd. in Woodside.