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Feb 18, 2008 04:17 PM

Where to send my parents for great Vegas Dinner?

My parents are visiting Vegas in mid-March and we'd like to send them to a very nice dinner somewhere on the Strip as a birthday present. Would like to spend approx. $150/person. They do not drink, but enjoy very nice food. Preferably a more serene atmosphere where they can talk as opposed to a loud scene. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Top of the World at the Stratosphere might be a nice choice. Well within the price range, good food and a beautiful view. Bradley Ogden at Caesars is wonderful restaurant. I found it to be very calm and relaxing. There are so many choices. Where are they staying? What kind of food do they like?

    1. Can't beat Picasso. It's an "only in Vegas" kinda place, but one that is very classy, with great but fairly traditional French/Mediterranean food and a very nice atmosphere. The room is beautiful with lots of flowers and you are surrounded by Picassos on the walls. Outside the windows, the Bellagio fountains make for a spectacular backdrop. Tasting menus are under $150 I believe, particularly if you're not drinking. Food is very very good. Not as adventurous as some places, and some gripe about the menu being rather static which doesn't matter if you only go once, but I can't imagine anyone not enjoying the food. I don't think your parents will be disappointed.

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        How did I forget Picasso? Right on MidTexHorn!

      2. I'd recommend Fleur de Lys

        1. Bradley Ogden would be perfect. Very quiet, relaxing atmosphere, great service, and amazing food! Definitely a "something for everyone" place as far as the food goes.

          1. Bouchon in the Venetian.