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Jan 13, 2002 12:27 PM

Chadwick Revisited

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A somewhat misleading title in that it was a first visit under this name as opposed to Bistro K, Chez Gilles or Chez Helene. As stated here previously, portions are small and prices are up there. Still, despite some well meaning if so-so service, the experience was a positive one and the flavors were right. Paid about $120 plus tip to split an appetizer, individual entrees, split dessert, coffee, tea and 2 glasses of wine. The asparagus with little Parmesan discs and some quail (?) eggs was excellent altho at $15 for 3 large spears pushing the envelope a bit. All entrees are about $30. A fish stew with aioli was excellent. A roquefort infused (stuffed--not exactly) tenderloin seemed larger than it looked. Good taste for sure. A delicious well named "chocolate silk" was just the ticket for dessert. Syrah by the glass was generously poured. Tea service was a bit elaborate with loose tea and a strainer/press arrangement accompanied by three different forms of sugar. Coffee was from Peets which has a store across the street. The amuse was a brief something that was tastefully flavored with truffle. Chef Ford made a humble appearance and seemed interested in feedback. Overall, there's an earnestness to the enterprise that's refreshing if only prices could be reigned in slightly.

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  1. I visited Chadwicks in December for a birthday. I was so dissappointed? Does anyone agree? The bread was very cold, they were out of ravioli, all of the fish entrees were bland, no appealing appetizers. I did however enjoy the dessert, thank goodness. Has anyone else had similar experiences there?

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      I pretty much agree -- I liked some aspects of Chadwicks: fresh tisane, good flavors, some tasty dishes. Was unimpressed with the prices, service, and the chef who wandered the restaurant and didn't know the ingredients in one of the dishes. I would go back only if someone else was paying.

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        can you describe the "chocolate silk" dessert I'm hoping it's not the same thing one would get at a Baker's Square?

        1. re: kevin
          michael (mea culpa)

          It was a round disc about an inch or more in thickness, probably 5-6 inches in diameter, incorporating Scharfenberger chocolate, not as dense as cheese cake but more concentrated than a souffle and some sort of pistachio bottom "crust." It's good.