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Montreal Food Blogs [Moved from Quebec board]

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I can't seem to find a post about this already, which seems a little strange to me, but here goes...

Who's got a food blog, or a food blog recommendation, for those of us here in Montreal?


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    1. There is also Midnight Poutine. It is a collaborative blog about the city, which means they don't just write about food, but I like their food coverage of affordable (most writers are students, I think) eateries that are not a part of the dreaded chainscapes.


      1. I was just pondering starting my own about the subject, since I already blog about others. Myself, I just tend to Google search. I'm a bad girl, I know...

        1. Only 4 blogs for the list?

          1. i can suggest my blog, its in french but for auto-testing we have add english and german version with a translator. well i dont know if it is good or not cause its difficult to judge when you are the autor and the promotor of the blog, but i can for sure stand the critic and you are welcome anytime to give feedbacks. Have a tasty day :-) !

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              i'd love to read your blog if i knew what it was, maybe you post the link. I'm moving there on monday so i'd love to read something en francais

            2. I have a Montreal food blog as well! Mine is only in English, as I don't feel my French writing skills are up to the same level. Enjoy!