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favourite ways to use up salsa

I've got 3 days until the expiration date on a Costco-sized container of refrigerated Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Curious to hear how you like to use up your tomato-based salsas, besides serving with egg dishes and tortilla chips.

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  1. Mexican pasta (use dry pasta of your choice)- Salsa cooked down and "re-sparked" with fresh cilantro and green onion. Add some protein like shrimp, chorizo, or ground beef or pork. This will use up alot of salsa. Once you cook it, the sauce can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a bit. Just to be clear, if using meat, the process would be saute the meat, add the salsa, cook down to desired consistency and taste, then toss with cooked pasta. Garnish with fresh cilantro and green onion.

    1. add some stock, puree it to the consistency you like, and drink it as gazpacho!

      1. Mix with sour cream or yogurt for dip (or with cottage cheese to eat as is).
        Use as a topping for baked potatoes.
        Mix with slightly mashed black beans, top with cilantro.
        Tamale pie.
        Use as the liquid for braised cabbage.

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          Add it to a pot of chile or pinto beans or even black beans. Or use it in soup it spice it up. Also make cheese dip with velvetta.

        2. I add with chicken stock, onions, cumin to make Spanish rice.

          1. dump it in chili, or even -if your family is adventurous- in spaghetti sauce, a modified "arrabiata". It also freezes pretty well if you are going to cook with it later on.

            1. How about freezing it in 1 cup portions?

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                Won't freezing tomato make it mealy?

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                  you probably would not want to use it as a dip, but for cooking uses it should be fine.

              2. I really like the Que Pasa I'll freeze 'extra' salsa from Costco but like you I don't always consume the whole container. It does freeze and water/tomato juice does separate out. But I've had the defrosted salsa with chips. I'll put leftover salsa into spaghetti sauce or will make a quick version of sopa de lima - tomato based soup with shredded chicken that is garnished with crumbled chips, diced avocado and mmmmmelted cheese. YUM.

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                1. I've used it in place of tomatoes to stew okra. YUM

                  1. on top of cottage cheese. one of my favorites from my college days.

                    1. I top a haddock, halibut, or cod steak with salsa then sprinkle on a bit of grated cheese and bake.

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                        Similarly, you can cover chicken breasts or other pieces with salsa and bake. It's surprisingly yummy for something so simple.

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                          I second salsa chicken...maybe un-chow-ish but tasty and a terrificly easy weeknight dinner. :)

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                            I do the same thing. I add to to salmon in aluminum foil, add a pat of butter and bake for 7 minutes or so at 450. Really good. Can do with chicken or pork tenderloin and adjust the timing.

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                              Chowish enough for me. I also use leftover salsa in meatloaf, chili and as a last minute covering to garlic and oil roasted chicken parts. Yum.

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                              I made this in the slow cooker the other week....put some frozen corn and pinto beans in the crock, then boneless skinless chicken breasts, then pout salsa over.
                              I think it cooked for 7 hours or so?? Surprisingly good and so easy.

                          2. You can use it as the flavoring for typical tex-mex dishes like tacos, quesidillas (spelling?) burritos. Brown beef or chicken and add the salsa along with some extra chili powder and other herbs/spices to your taste - such as cumin, oregano. Use as a filling. Also make some cheater guaqamole by just cubing a few avacodos and mixing in the salsa. Add a bit to any pasta sauces. Make traditional mac n cheese and add some salsa for a flavor twist. Add to tomato soup. Queso dip with cream cheese, shredded chedder and salsa zapped in the microwave, serve with chips or veggies, also great over baked potatoes.

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                              I agree about the baked potato. With some tuna and salsa and some cheese it makes a good snack.

                            2. I made a really tasty chicken chile verde the other night, using canned ortega chiles, shredded poached chicken breasts, onion, garlic and the tomatillo salsa from Herdez. It would probably be equally as good with a red salsa.

                              1. 1 cup salsa
                                1 cup orange marmalade
                                1/4 c oj
                                mix and pour over chicken breasts (boneless are less messy- I perfer thighs myself)
                                bake in over until chicken is tender

                                I also love salsa on my baked potatoes in place of butter/sour cream... although salsa and sour creamed baked pototoes sounds heavenly...

                                1. Eat on top of cottage cheese

                                  Scoop bagel, fill with shredded cheddar, toast, then top with salsa.

                                  Egg white omelettes or egg white salad (I know you said besides egg dishes)

                                  Crepes w/ cheese and salsa

                                  Mixed into lime based ceviche

                                  Ground turkey stirfried with onions and mushrooms (and egg whites), then stir in salsa and dollop with sour cream and cheddar/jack

                                  And, my #1 way to eat salsa... WITH A FORK!

                                  1. I suggest Herdez salsa and Eggology egg whites. It's also good on tortilla and fat-free cheese.

                                    1. Hmm... Not sure I've ever had this problem! I bought 4 kinds of hot sauce yesterday and am making salsa today!

                                      -Cooked with beans. This can use up a lot.

                                      -Add cucumber, bread, and a splash of olive oil and blend into gazpacho.

                                      -Near the end of cooking wilted greens (mustard, turnip, kale, cabbage, etc) and finished with a splash of apple cider vinegar.

                                      -I make a very mild salsa/salad dish with tomatoes, cucumber, corn, black beans, cilantro, chiles, onions, garlic, and lime. I happen to serve it with chips for crunch, but they aren't necessary - a lot of it gets eaten with a fork a lot as well. I could see using fresh packaged salsa for all of the ingredients it contains and adding diced cucumber, corn and black beans to make the salad, adjusting proportions to taste. Seems you would want to drain it a bit for this.

                                      -Mexican shrimp cocktail starter. (Similar to ceviche.) Top with sliced avocado.

                                      -Enchilada sauce starter. I think cook as into sauce before baking. Reserve some fresh for the top.