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Feb 18, 2008 04:00 PM

favourite ways to use up salsa

I've got 3 days until the expiration date on a Costco-sized container of refrigerated Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Curious to hear how you like to use up your tomato-based salsas, besides serving with egg dishes and tortilla chips.

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  1. Mexican pasta (use dry pasta of your choice)- Salsa cooked down and "re-sparked" with fresh cilantro and green onion. Add some protein like shrimp, chorizo, or ground beef or pork. This will use up alot of salsa. Once you cook it, the sauce can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a bit. Just to be clear, if using meat, the process would be saute the meat, add the salsa, cook down to desired consistency and taste, then toss with cooked pasta. Garnish with fresh cilantro and green onion.

    1. add some stock, puree it to the consistency you like, and drink it as gazpacho!

      1. Mix with sour cream or yogurt for dip (or with cottage cheese to eat as is).
        Use as a topping for baked potatoes.
        Mix with slightly mashed black beans, top with cilantro.
        Tamale pie.
        Use as the liquid for braised cabbage.

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          Add it to a pot of chile or pinto beans or even black beans. Or use it in soup it spice it up. Also make cheese dip with velvetta.

        2. I add with chicken stock, onions, cumin to make Spanish rice.

          1. dump it in chili, or even -if your family is adventurous- in spaghetti sauce, a modified "arrabiata". It also freezes pretty well if you are going to cook with it later on.