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Feb 18, 2008 03:55 PM

KC,MO: Need a place for a 50 person rehearsal dinner @ $50/head.

I'm helping a friend out who's throwing his rehearsal dinner in KC. There's going to be 50 or so people and they'd like to keep it around $50/head or less, including tax and tip. The coupel is unsure if they want to have alcohol or just have guests go to the bar on their own. They prefer something downtown or on the Plaza. Give me your best suggestions!

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  1. Is that with alcohol? You might try JackStack's Freighthouse. They have a great outdoor patio area that is perfect in good weather.

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    1. Lidia's in the Freight House has a nice loft for rehearsal dinners, been to a few there, the food always been good. If you looking for a non-restaurant place, check out the Loose Mansion at 101 E. Armour Blvd, they can do almost anything you want, we had our rehearsal dinner there, and everything was perfect. We wished we had the wedding reception there too, instead of the Marriott , because they out did themselves.

      1. rent the David Morris space and find a caterer.
        you can have the place to yourself, No strangers, great parking, beautiful space.

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          great idea - that's a wonderful space.

        2. My son's rehearsal dinner was a few months ago. It was at the Classic Cup. They have a private room downstairs with parking right outside the door. The food was good. We had 70 people and it was a bit too crowed to move around easily. If you want any details, just ask.