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Feb 18, 2008 03:39 PM

French Bistros & Foie Gras

I am sure this message has been posted before and prompted eager and colorful responses, but my question is regarding the best foie gras and best french bistro (in the most classic of terms) in SF?

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  1. Seared: Boulevard

    Torchon: Bouchon in Napa

    Fatted Calf does a great Torchon for eating at home, though it's not always available.

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      The OP asked for foie in SF, not Napa... (although I agree with you on Bouchon's offering).

      I'd have to say the best torchon Bix. I liked the seared at Bushi Tei when they first opened, but don't know if it has held up though.

      1. re: Carrie 218

        I know, but I think Bouchon's foie is worth the trip to Napa.

    2. Jeanty at Jack's has a couple of great foie gras dishes (petit sale, torchon) and is one of the most classic bistros in the city.

      Foie gras and chicken ravioli at Oola. The torchon's not bad, either.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I will second Jeanty- I have always ordered the petit sale and torchon each time I have been there (shared). However, the seared foie gras on the petit sale is not large as such things go, but the dish overall is terrific. I think their torchon service is delicious, though I have not had a lot of others in recent years. To maximize the bistro atmosphere ask to be seated on the first floor or the mezzanine.

      2. The original comment has been removed