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Feb 18, 2008 02:23 PM

Badrutt Palace?? HELP QUICK!!

Yo Chowhounders,

I have a dinner to attend to at Badrutt Palace in Brickell tonite at 8p. I found one thread where someone said the mushroom risotto was great, but other than that I know nothing about the place. Anyone been? Where is it? Is it fair priced or is this one of those meals where the "Miami tax" really shines through? Quick comments much appreciated!

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  1. Sorry for the lateness. Have friends that went that said it was horrible and overpriced. What'd you think?

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      I thought it was average at best. I got the Tuna 4 Ways app and that was actually pretty good but the Mushroom Stuffed Pasta seemed like it stayed on the hot plate too long or something. Flavor was decent. Entree menu looked weak and overpriced. Wine list was nothing special and prices were 2-3x as per most restaurants. Charged $12 for Maker's Mark which was absurd but not as absurd as the attempt to be a "high end" bar/restaurant and carrying Maker's Mark as your top shelf bourbon...

      Overall I thought the decor and atmosphere was unique and interesting and I could see doing drinks after work there maybe but I doubt Id go back for the food outside of maybe the tuna app. Classic case of the Miami "smoke & mirrors" restaurant that plays up the club/lounge vibe and then charges more for mediocre food.