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Feb 18, 2008 02:09 PM

peking duck in NYC

i prefer manhattan, but...

what do you think is the best peking duck?

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  1. I've had peking duck all over Chinatown and I recall having the best peking duck in the city at Chinatown Brasserie on Lafayette and Great Jones. Let me state that I don't think I liked anything else about the restaurant but the duck was perfect. Very crispy skin, not overly greasy or fatty and the pancakes were light and fluffy. I would go and just order that. Also, it's not that expensive at $48. Peking duck house in Chinatown sells theirs for $40 and it sucks.

    1. Is the Chinatown Brasserie one a half order or a whole duck? Also, is it just the crispy skin they give you. I like it when they leave some meat on the skin to for my "sandwich". What good ones are there in a Chinatown restaurant?

      I mistakenly went to Peking Duck House for my birthday because I love peking duck so much, but it wasn't like how I remembered at all. The pancakes weren't even traditional chinese style.. more like tortilla wraps. Isn't that strange? Completely ruined my experience.

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        I remember it being the whole duck. I believe you can always request the skin be served the way you would like.

      2. chinatown is good. but if you want to discover the best asian food ( not just chinese ). we are talking malay, vietnamese, thai you name it. and no not queens. to my knowledge the only 2 things worth going to queens for is the airports to escape the city for a few. get on the N train get off on the 8th avenue stop ( go towards the crowd ) and here you have the best asia has to offer, from duck to scooters everything.

        P.S. im sure there are okay restaurants in queens. all im saying here is these are much better. i guess i hate using this word because there is nothing realy "authentic" about aisian food in nyc, but this is as close as you get.
        they should realy ban the word from menus. its the same as having "healthy french fries"!

        1. Seconding Chinatown Brasserie. Avoid Peking Duck house... super greasy...